Les Dames Du Movement- Women’s International Gathering-Day 2

So the second day ran slightly differently, for starters, it became a mixed event. My favourite part of the warm-up was mirroring someone else’s movement, which I found fun as the person I mirrored came up with some really interesting movement.

Then we split into three groups depending upon what we wanted to. I headed to the “Confidence in Movement” station which was run by Silke and Hazal.


Alex Gregg striding.
Picture by Elizabeth Hopkins.

The group was a nice size for this session with maybe ten or so people participating. It was a session about being comfortable and confident doing various techniques on different surfaces and heights.

First, we did a series of cat leaps getting further each time, and then we did it by in facing the opposite direction to which we were going.

We then did some exploration finding various things to cat-leap on. I found this useful and I started with a small cat-leap to a little wall that had a handhold that you could only really grip with your fingertips. I struggled with the first one so Hazal gave me a few tips and showed me how to do it. When I got that one, I moved on to a few other cat-leaps.

A bunch of cat-leaps later, we moved onto plyos and strides. The goal was to get about 5 in a row. It was a good exercise for me as I am not too comfortable with strides. Then Silke set us a bunch of interesting little challenges to try.

It was pretty relaxed as it was all done in your own sort of pace but I also managed to do a bunch of things that I have not looked at before.


So we headed back to the group and picked the next and last session which we wanted to do. I picked Kit-Cath and Klo station which was

Hazal doing a handstand.
Picture by: Elizabeth Hopkins.

Working on handstands.

During this workshop, Klo used the Williams Belle method, La danse de l’air.

First of all, we warmed up our joints and then worked on holding certain positions.

Following the warm-up, we got into a few lines and did:

  • About 10 handstands trying to hold them for about 3 to 5 seconds before moving onto the next handstand.
  • Handstand walking
  • Elephant handstands
  • Kicking up into handstand slowly, bringing your legs down slowly without touching the floor and going back up again.
  • If you could hold the handstand then circling with your legs.
  • Cartwheels on either side

Then for the final section, we weren’t allowed to take our hands off the floor off the floor for a minute and we had to try and hold the handstand for as long as we could.

Afterwards, we headed back to the rest of the group for a group discussion.


Georgia sharing her view.
Picture by: Elizabeth Hopkins.

Shirley shared with us some of her experiences and emotions whilst she trained and asked us a few questions. After which we then broke off into little groups to discuss:

  • First: If I don’t …….. then I don’t feel like I’m training.
  • Second: Parkour for me is?

We had a great discussion and it brought various sub-topics that lead into topics of lifestyle choices in general.


After our sessions, we grabbed some lunch and ate in the square. It was not long before more parkour practitioners joined us. We all chilled for a while before heading to the park in Archway, the spot were the Parkour Jam would begin.

It was fairly packed by the time we got there with people jumping, swinging and playing around on all the various parts the park had to offer. People were setting challenges for one another, playing games and chilling out.

It was not long before some lines appeared as people waited for the next person to go. There were also some nice parkour lines too of course.

Right at the end a bunch of us went to Camden and had some lovely Malaysian food with the coaches and some of the participants.


Sana Iwao.
Picture by: Vincent Hopkins


Sana Iwao:
“It was a chance to meet the community but also to be taught and be empowered.”





Picture of Chandra Kennedy. Picture by: Gogoly Yao


Chandra Kennedy:
“It was an amazing experience.”





Silke Sollfrank.
Picture by: Elizabeth Hopkins.


Silke Sollfrank:
“LDDM 2018 was a perfect event for participants and coaches, to grow mentally and physically.”






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