ESPRIT CONCRETE: Movement to Empower

Esprit Concrete, formed in November 2016 by Yao and Kasturi, combines parkour and psychology looking into how parkour can be used in our daily life. Their tagline, “Movement to Empower” is what parkour /ADD (Art Du Deplacement) means to them and can be displayed in the way they teach.

The beautiful thing about Esprit Concrete is that it came together because Kasturi tried a class and immediately saw the links between therapy/psychology and ADD/Parkour training and philosophy and then when Yao and Kasturi proposed the idea to ADD Academy and friends in the community, they encouraged them to set up the idea as a business.

What they are doing in the Art du Déplacement/Parkour  Community

Since being created Esprit Concrete has made many strong affiliations with other Parkour companies including ADD Academy, Skochypstiks, etc. They have also been teaching and collaborating both locally and internationally.

Some workshops Esprit Concrete have been involved in are:

  • Esprit Concrete Edinburgh Workshop

  • Esprit Concrete Weekend Workshop in Darmstadt Germany

  • Workshop Unis Vers Tcheso- Esprit Concrete

  • Les Dames du Movement London 2017 International Women gathering

  •  Crisis London

Esprit Concrete’s primary role is Art du Deplacement and Mental Health. Additionally, Kasturi is part of the Parkour UK Mental Health Action Group.

What they teach through Parkour

Kasturi: “We are teaching people, that the only thing that matters in the world is that they know themselves at that moment, that they respect themselves and that they do not need to worry about what other people think. Because for us, that is true freedom, not caring about what other people think and what other people are doing, but to respect everyone.”

Where you can catch them

There is a class every Monday & Wednesday from 7 PM to 9 PM in London. To check where it will be, check their Facebook page or website. For children, there is a class every Saturday from 3 PM to 5 PM in Archway.


Facebook Page:

Instagram: @espritconcrete

The Team

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The Esprit Concrete Team consists of:

Gogoly Yao , is known for his fun persona and beautiful movement.
He started parkour/ ADD about ’10 years ago because he was scared of everything and was always playing it safe. This changed when he saw the movie Yamakasi, after watching the movie it made him think, that since people are doing parkour he should be able to do it too and beat his fears. His target after starting ADD was to overcome those fears.’ Yao, did not think about the movement but just the ability to evolve. For Yao: ‘ADD is a way to target weaknesses that you have, he does not really see it as a movement practice but more as a philosophy or a way of life that is expressed by movement.’

After he had done parkour for some time, the next natural step for him was to start coaching. He began coaching and performing with Parkour Generations, taking daily classes locally in the UK and doing some workshops overseas.

Now, with his partner Kasturi, he is running Esprit Concrete. Together they have been teaching both adult and children’s classes on a daily basis as well as coaching for workshops and courses both locally and internationally.

Kasturi Torchia, has passion and drive in the bucketloads, which can be seen when she’s practicing parkour. She teaches ADD in a unique way, taking into account people’s different backgrounds and situations, as well as explaining how parkour and movement can relate to our life.

She discovered ADD through the movement aspect of it, realizing that for her it was a lot more than movement. The movement was kind of an incentive for what she needed, to figure out about herself physically. Kasturi believes, ‘that for people to really be in tune with themselves they also have to be in tune with their body and mind.’

For Kasturi, ‘parkour challenges you by putting all your mental barriers to test in a very visual way by using what you have around you. The obstacles are very real and so is the feedback as it triggers how you respond to it. From this, you discover who you are and perhaps why you are that way.’ She also said, ‘if there is anything you would like to work on, it allows you that opportunity; through movement as well as through thought.’
So for her, it is a way of life, as it changes the way you see the world, the way you see yourself and the way you interact with people and space. For her it is also the “physical expression that you may face internally, making it almost like an inside-out version of psychology.”

Georgia Munroe, is known for her strong movement. She is determined, charismatic, playful, and is a powerful athlete to have on any team. She is Esprit Concrete’s youngest athlete but also has a ton of insight when it comes to ADD and has coached both in the UK and internationally.

Daniel Woodrow, is the latest addition to the Esprit Concrete team. He has been coaching for four years but has been training for a while longer. He is eager to share his unconventional and diverse way of movement. He also has a keen interest in movement and acrobatics.



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