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On Saturday 22nd April 2017, we headed down to Chainstore to try World Chase Tag ourselves. We were lucky enough to have a go with Christian and Damien Devaux, the two brothers whom run World Chase Tag and are usually busy running and hosting the Chase Tag events.

Now if you thought watching it was interesting and entertaining, then you definitely need to try playing Chase Tag. Not only is it a good workout but it is also a lot of fun to play, especially with a mix of people. It is definitely interesting to see the way in which people move. Some went for a speedy impulsive approach whilst others were much more cautious or premeditated. Also, the levels of tiredness made people’s movement change in speed and tactic. In addition to this the more you played, the more comfortable you got playing the game enabling the game to last longer than when you first started. For example, when some of us first started, it only lasted 5-10 seconds but by the end of the session we were lasting between 15-20 seconds.

The timing system was great because although 20 seconds may not seem long at first, it was enough to get the body working. The more rounds you won, the more tiring it got.Ath the start, we only lasted one or two rounds but after a while, we managed to stay in for about three rounds and some of us even four.

So if you are looking for a great game to play with a group of people, friends, family or children we recommend you try World Chase Tag. It works as a great ice-breaker and it gets you talking and interacting with one another in a unique way. It also can be played in most places and if you are not playing or unable to play, it’s entertaining to watch. So it’s a win-win regardless if you are playing or not.

To see how other people play, check out the World Chase Tag instagram: @worldchasetag.

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