NBA Player’s trainer suggests adding Parkour to training regime after watching Endijs’s huge rail-pre

Recently, Endijs Miscenko did an insanely huge rail to rail precision and stuck it perfectly. It was about 15 feet, and the video itself has caught the attention of many people. Including the trainer, David Alexander of Pro-NBA player for the Indiana Pacers, Victor Oladipo. Alexander tagged Oladipo and wrote: “I’m thinking we integrate some of this into your training program! Thoughts??” 

It is great to see that Parkour is getting out to the wider audience and it would be nice to see other sporting athletes take it up as part of their training. Even though writer for Pacers news  believes that ‘Oladipo will be unlikely to discuss the matter as NBA contracts strictly prohibit activities in which their athletes could suffer an injury.’ 

Perhaps if they see that it could be practised safely they would incorporate parts of it into their training. It would be interesting to see how Oladipo would fair in the parkour world. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches, he would not be the tallest athlete in the game as there is already a stunt performer and parkour athlete called Brain A. Prince who stands at 6 foot 9.5 inches. I do however think Oladipo would have some pretty insane jumps and strides considering his height, how athletic he is and his jumping capacity already in pro-basketball.

For now, we are looking forward to seeing what Endijs Miscenko will do next because that jump and the control in it was just beautiful to watch.

If you have not seen Endijs Miscenko’s video you can check it out below:

Quick question for you guys: Do you think that parkour could potentially benefit other sporting athletes?

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