Leg-It 2018

Picture of Tejo Dinsmore-Tuli warming up. Picture by Anthony Crockett.

To set off August 2018, well-known traceur Eric Moor organized a speed competition in Slough Parkour Park with clothing from Street Media, The Motus Projects, Flip. United and Breach Apparel Clothing along with £250 in cash up for grabs for the winner of the event.

As the flags went up the athletes warmed up, testing out various vaults, tricks and sections of the run. The vibe was like that of a jam as more and more athletes turned up, trained together, caught up and chilled. The total number of athletes was 19, which consisted of 2 women and 17 men. After a while Eric Moor called the athletes to explain the rules of the competition, demonstrating as he went along to make it clear, they had to pass through each of the check-points and in which order. The athletes then had some time to prepare and the competition officially started at about 12:30.

All the athletes headed to the gazebo. Then the qualifiers started and three athletes were called up at a time.

Set 1:
P Cosmin Chiripus (Biku), was the first up and set the bar at 16.03 seconds. Second, we had Andy Tomin from Urban Generations, who had a little slip due to nervousness but managed to get a decent time of 16.28 seconds. Then, Owen Guerin who was quick off the mark and took a big jump off the wall before dive-rolling managed to get the quickest in his set at 15.75 seconds.

Set 2:
Noah Harwood from Street Media (one of the brands sponsoring Leg-It 2018) flew swiftly through the course got 15.32 seconds. Next was Alex Steklyannikov from Brighton, he was incredibly quick as well as controlled in his movement, and was definitely one to beat at 14.15 seconds. Last in this set was Connor O’Carroll from Marreo Gang who did speed through the first part of the course and did relatively well ending his run at 16.68 seconds. The bit that probably slowed Connor O’Carroll down the most was going over the wall.

Picture of Ellie Higton doing her run by Anthony Crockett

Set 3:
This set had three people from Slough who have been training for the last three years. Amadu Cassama was the first up and sped through the course. As Eric said before his run, “Don’t blink otherwise you might miss him.” Amadu Cassma got a total of 14.75 seconds. Next was, Bradley Meade who went through the course fluidly getting him 16.50 seconds. To end the set, was the first woman in the competition, one of the creative academy dancers Ellie Higton. She probably had the most audience cheer within the qualifiers as she worked her way through the course with some unique movements. Although she did not quite make the catleap which is where most of the time was lost, she managed to get back up and completed the course in 30.37 seconds.

Set 4:
Pijus Grigaitis sporting a colourful bandana of sorts and looking well recovered from the bump he had on his head during the warm-up, made a slight mistake at the start but managed to get through the rest relatively quickly and ended the course in 16.85 seconds. Tejo Dinsmore-Tuli, went through fairly swiftly, with the slowest moment being his jump up from the small wall to the platform with the rail. Regardless of this he still managed to complete the run in less than 17 seconds with his total being 16.55 seconds. Next was probably one of the tallest participants at 6 foot 3 inches, Fyrish Newton who seemed to go over the obstacles with ease and ended his run in 15.08 seconds.

Picture of Jordan White. Picture by Anthony Crockett.

Set 5:
First for this set was Jordan White, who paced through and got a total of 18 seconds, even though he had a slight stumble when turning. Next and all the way fromLincoln was Adam Doore who had a smooth run and got himself a decent time of 16.45 seconds. To end the set was another student of Eric’s who he’s been teaching for a couple of years, Jakob Olszewski who did well for the most part but had a little bit of a struggle getting up on the big wall which left him with a time of 20.37 seconds.

Set 6:
For the final set Sean Harrison, all the way from Derby was first up. He had a relatively good run but spent a little too long on the big wall, getting him a total time 17.85 seconds. Then Cambridge based Harrison Fernandez from Team Manifest was speedy as well as light-footed. Even the cameramen had a little trouble keeping up with him, his total time was 14.70 seconds. Then was the second and only other woman in the competition, all the way from Brighton was, Jess Gordon Brown. She also got a good cheer from the audience and had a good run which timed at 21.28 seconds. Last but not least was Dawid Kierkowski from Team Manifest who was quick through the obstacles and got a solid 16.00 seconds.

At the end of everyone’s runs, Eric Moor performed a smooth run which came to 14.22 seconds. After which the ten finalists were announced. The scores were close with about two and a half seconds between the 1st and the 10th place qualifier holders.

Alex Steklyanniko striding. Picture by Anthony Crockett.

1st Alex Steklyannikov: 14.15 Seconds
2nd Harrison Fernandez: 14.70 Seconds
3rd Amadu Cassama: 14.75 Seconds
4th Fyrish Newton: 15.08 Seconds
5th Noah Harwood: 15.32 Seconds
6th Owen Guerin: 15.75 Seconds
7th Dawid Kierkowski: 16 Seconds
8th Biku: 16.03 Seconds
9th Andy Tomin: 16.28 Seconds
10th Adam Dore: 16.45 Seconds

There was then an interval to change the course for the finals. The athletes got to have a break, rest, chill and try out the new course if they wanted. Then at about 15:30, the finals started!


Biku Starting his run. Picture by Anthony Crockett.

Set 1:
Fyrish Newton was first up, his set was pretty fast but clipped his foot on the vault box and took a tumble but managed to roll out relatively smoothly and continued on. He finished in 22.62 seconds. Next up was Biku, who had a relatively smooth run until the rail section where there was a slight delay in getting up but he managed to push through and the final sprint got him to finish in 21.87 seconds. Third up was Adam Dore who had a very controlled and fluid run, he finished in 23.10 seconds.

Set 2:
First off for this set was Urban Generations team member Andy Tomin who moved with much agility and speed. It was very different from his qualifying run as he was much more in control of his movement. The audience and athletes seemed to notice the difference too as there were loud cheers for Andy Tomin, as he became the new person to beat at 18.60 seconds. Next up was Dawid Kierkowski who sped through the course with varying heights and finished in 21.45 seconds. Representing Street Media who’s clothing was part of the first prize was Noah Hardwood, also sped through and managed to speed ahead of Dawid at 21.27 seconds.

Set 3:
Alex Steklyannikov who won first in the qualifiers was quick off the mark, with the audience cheering as he went. Again like his qualifiers his movement was smooth and controlled gaining him an end time of 18.88 seconds. Next up, was Manifest team member Harrison Fernandez, who had come second in the qualifiers, he also had a great run and speeded through the rails to the wall section of the course, giving him a time of 19.98 seconds. Owen Guerin was next up, during his run he did a pop vault and pre on the rail to the wall section, getting him an end time of 24.75. Last but not least was speedy boy Amadu Cassama, his run did look fast, though there was a slight flail over one of the walls in the middle gaining him an end time of 20.05 seconds.

(Picture from left to right) Alex Steklyannikov, Andy Tomin and Harrison Fernandez. Picture by Elizabeth Hopkins.

Everyone went to the podium and the 3 winners were announced:
1st Andy Tomin: 18.60 seconds (Won £250 plus Street Media Clothing, The Motus Projects, Flip.United and Breach Apparel Clothing)
2nd Alex Steklyannikov: 18.88 seconds (Won £100)
3rd Harrison Fernandez: 19.98 seconds (Won £50)


4th Amadu Cassama: 20.05 seconds
5th Noah Harwood: 21.27
6th Dawid Kierkowski: 21.45 seconds
7th Biku: 21.87 seconds
8th Fyrish Newton: 22.62
9th Adam Dore: 23.10
10th Owen Guerin: 24.75

All in all, it was a fantastic event/speed competition, there was a lovely jam-like feel that ran throughout Leg-it 2018 and all the athletes supported each other throughout. It was free to enter this year and we would 100% recommend you head to Leg-it 2019 next year, if not as a competitor, then just to show support. Plus you get to train with everyone after the event is over.

Group Picture! Picture by Anthony Crockett.

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