6th Athen’s International Parkour Seminar! Part 2 of 2

Day 2: The Peace and Friendship Stadium

The stadium that opened in 1985, hosts a bunch of little spots from rails to a little playground. It is also right next to another great spot; a little beach that has a water breaker which you can do plyo-jumps, strides, running jumps and precisions across if you wish to do so.

Warm up. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

Day two, the last day of the seminar and it was another beautiful day. After the warm-up, we got into five teams. The goal was to start at one end of the court and get to the other end as quickly as possible but you had to jump over one person, and then lie down. Then the next person would have to jump over the two people lying down and then so on until the last person. Then the first person who was lying down had to get up and the cycle would continue until you got to the end.  We did a couple more with strides. It was a lot of fun.

Then we moved onto games, the goal was pair off and try to get the other person’s hand, the first person to three; wins. Then you move to the next person. When someone beats three people we stop. Then the game slightly differs, so next was the foot, which was surprisingly hard.

Last but not least for the starting session was a partnered exercise, carry your partner to the other side then they carry you back. We did a few of these different ways before splitting into our three groups.

Our first session was with Chris, I really enjoyed this session as we had to estimate how many jumps out of 100 we would. I estimated about 50 for myself.

Chris Rowat’s session, the Intermediate Group. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

So we picked a jump that we have to do 100 times with 30 seconds between each jump. During the 30 seconds of rest, we could get a drink or think about how to improve if we did not stick it. It was interesting to see that when I did not stick a few it got really hard to get a stick again because I thought about the one I did not stick and then the one before that. So I found I just had to reset my mindset. What I also realized is that I get really easily distracted by what is happening around me.

By the end of it we were asked if we exceed our target, reached it or did not meet it. I was about three off.  Rowat said, as we get to know our body’s capabilities more, then we will be able to have a more accurate estimate, and will begin to understand how likely you can make a jump or not.

For our next session, we had Leon. To start off with we split into teams of about three, as for this activity we could use our team if we needed help. First off we had to try and get to the top of a large metal structure and come back down.  Then we had to go back up, get from one beam to another and come down. Finally, the whole team had to stay up together for ten seconds before coming back down. My team was very helpful in helping me get up and down the metal structure.

Leon Lawerance demonstrating. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

Then Leon showed us a mini route which entailed a little wall run, get over a rail and precision to curb, then an interesting step vault from the curb onto the rail which had a little bit of height to it, back to a little curb, and an under-bar. The height messed with me a bit on the unusual step vault.

After working on this for a while, we moved onto running jumps. We did a running jump from the wooden sides of a sand pit box to a bench then did a precision to a curb. Making sure we tried the running jump take off with both sides. We tried to do it within two to three steps and then we tried to do it in just one step.

Finally, we did a route combining the running jump to the mini route we did earlier and tried to do as many times as we could without stopping.

Last but not least the final session before we joined up as one big group was with Anma Aproswpaa. To warm us all back up again after

Haroon Hanafi doing a catpass over Ben. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

lunch, we did some rounds of walking and running at height.

Then we moved onto vaults, vaulting over two little walls with some steps in between. Then we had to try with 2 steps, 1 step and eventually no steps, which was quite difficult but a few people made it.

Afterwards, we moved on to vaulting over someone, which I guess to some extent tested my commitment to the vault, as if I did not commit to it, there was a possibility of injuring the person I was vaulting over.

Last but not least we combined it all. We vaulted over the two walls with as little steps in between as possible then 5 steps to vault over someone. It was an enjoyable experience.

Conditioning. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

Then it was conditioning time for the last day we had team conditioning. We split up into teams of three, then had to find a big rock which we would be able to squat ten times. After finding the rock we had to try to do about two laps around the stadium. One person held the rock at a time, held their breath for as long as they could and tried to get as far as they could. When they got as far as they could they had to do a press up and then the next person would go. As the person changed the press-up would increase by one each time.

To end the day we did a cooldown, stretch and had a relaxing lie down to think about the day.


So, if you are looking for a great event to attend, good weather and fantastic people you should definitely check this event out at some point. There’s always something new and interesting, the spots are great and it caters to all levels. It’s also incredibly easy to get around within Athens, as the metro is only a few lines, making it pretty straightforward.

Cooldown. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.


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