6th Athen’s International Parkour Seminar! Part 1 of 2

We had the pleasure of heading to Athens to attend the 6th International Athens Parkour Seminar. Having been to the 4th one and enjoying it immensely, I was looking forward to it. It is one of those events that you just want to keep on joining because of the positive vibes and everyone is so sincere and encouraging.

Day one: The Water Tower Park

Warm-up. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

We headed to a great spot which had loads to do within it. To start off the day, we warmed up and then partnered up to do some paired stuff. Including some timed runs, jumping over our partner and seeing if we could get our partner to us whilst their eyes were closed by shouting their name. It was all a lot of fun and a great ice-breaker. We then split up into 3 groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I went into the intermediate group.



Left: Leu Arkas. Right: Zoe Boulougoura and Nick Porto Leone. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

First up was Chris Rowat, who is also known as Blane. Our goal was to get on top of about five different pieces of gym equipment and stay there for ten seconds. We split into little teams of three and helped one another when needed. We found that each piece of gym equipment came with its own set of challenges as different things moved or they were a bit more difficult to get around. As we completed it as we wanted Blane made it slightly harder and gave us additional challenges to name a few: Get on top using just one-hand, doing it with your eyes closed, not touching the floor and get on top with no hands.

Initially, the hardest part was the height but the more time we spent on each one the easier it got. Then the hardest for me became getting on top with just the one hand. It showed me just how much I rely on both my hands to climb up things.


Left: Leon Lawerance and Right: Αγγελικη Γκρος. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

Station 2 was with Leon Lawrence; here we worked on a selection of things including some interesting jumps to playground objects, laches from wooden beams and climbing up wooden beams. We spent about 20 minutes on each of the sections, then we did a route combining all the parts with a little extra added on. Then you had to try to go round continuously until the time ran out.

The biggest challenge for me had to be the laches from the wooden beams as I needed a little boost up to reach it but it did display that sometimes we need help from others to overcome obstacles.


Panos Toge Almanlis. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

The last station was with Vasilis Tairakis also known as Bill. During this station we worked on one-legged things, including jumping, balancing and little height drops on one leg for all those times one of your legs are injured.

It was nice to see just how far I could jump with just one leg and how much control I had. After some balancing and some precisions, we did a little route on one leg. Working on taking off and landing with one leg.



Left: Daniel Hempenstall and Right: Zeus Williams doing a Vault Precision for conditioning. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

Last but not least we did group conditioning, where we could pick what we wanted to do from the list but as a group had to meet a certain number for each of the exercises. The exercises included: Precisions, running precisions, rail precisions, vault precisions, push-ups, wall runs, and squat jumps.

After all the working out we did a nice cooldown stretch followed by a lovely partnered massage and a relaxing lie down to take in and think about the day and after day one, I was looking forward to day two.


The End. Picture by Athanasia Gkros.

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