Marx Madness, Redbull, even more big gains! and More!

In this Week of Parkour 8 [Saturday 19th May 2018], Daniel was joined by Elizabeth Hopkins! This edition was taken in Athens, Greece!

First up, we have Joseph Marx with ‘Exclamation Marks.’ In this video,  we see him do a lot of funky movement accompanied by a funky track. As well as watching his dancing, we see him do a lot of flip pres. One of our favourites was when he did a kong gainer to a round-off dive-kong, what is so lovely about this movement is just getting the right timing. The round-off means that he is going in the dive-kong blind! Another favourite is when Marx does a wall run, a sharp 180 turn into a kong pre and finished off with a flip out. It was just really fluid, smooth and nice. Although Joseph Marx puts less content out then the rest of the Motus athletes throughout the year. His content is definitely worth the wait!

Next up, we have freerunning Amsterdam a 100 hours. They get a load of freerunners and film-makers together and essentially got them to make a film in a 100 hours. The video transitions from athlete to athlete are really smooth. Elizabeth’s favourite part was Joe Scandrett’s descent. In addition to that Dominic Di Tommaso does a really disgusting bail and a lot of them came out with bruised ankles but seems like it was worth it in the end. For something that is ten minutes long, it could keep you interested for hours! Daniel’s favourite section was at the end with Bart and DK. A lot of the lines were so smooth and because they weave in and out of each other while doing it, it’s more interesting to watch. Toby Segar and Dominic Di Tommaso were both doing a lot of gimble stuff which meant it was really fast paced and had high action, it was a good one to start on and was all filmed on Kings Day which was really good for Amsterdam’s vibe. A lot of their interactions in it are all with the people who live there.

Now, we’ve got someone who a lot of people know but he is quite underrated and that is Flynn Disney. He’s a parkour generations athlete and is well known for his laches. In the video, you see quite a lot of flowy technical movement, which fits in really nicely to the elegant music in the background. Flynn’s been putting a lot of work in recently doing a lot of plyos and stride work that just looks all so competent in such a casual way you would not notice him doing such amazing jumps. It’s a really vibey and a flowy video to watch. You should definitely go check it out!

Our two mini-movements this week our: Arthur Franks did fat kong pre at the I-Max spot which he apparently did three times! Arthur is one of the few people to do the kong-pre at he I-Max spot and it’s crazy to see how far he has come in the last six months. Next is Oliver Thorpe who done a huge double kong at street mecca. Oliver Thorpe’s comfort at that spot is amazing. The stuff he does there is inhuman, you should definitely check out his Instagram, some of his content is worth watching every time!

This weeks team of the week is Storror who are currently out filming their fourth POV video. They did some beautiful plyos on top of some chimneys in London. Callum Powell did a huge standing pre and stuck it lovely. They also have their Canon video coming out soon and it is going to be amazing. Toby Segar was also in a Red Bull video, the team are firing on all cylinders and they are not even together at the moment!

Make sure to check out all the videoes that were shared. You can find them below:

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Mini movements:


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Written by Zoe Hopkins. Video filmed and edited by Daniel Hempenstall. Article edited by Elizabeth Hopkins.

©World of Parkour 2018

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