Bringing a New Dimension to a Well Loved Game

We have most likely all played a version of tag in some form or another. World Chase Tag has taken this well-loved childhood game and given it the ultimate upgrade. One on one, 20 seconds timed chases with obstacles.

But what gave them the idea to create World Chase Tag? Well, it all evolved from Orlando Devaux; Christian Devaux’ son, who always wanted to play tag rather than sports such as football or cricket. Then one day he wanted to know who was better at tag; him or his dad. So to find out who was better they timed how long each of them spent as the person being IT, chasing each other around obstacles. Christian always thought that it would be a good sport for people to play.

How they made it?

Christian kept thinking about Chase Tag and looking at various things and how it could potentially work as a sport. He began thinking about the timing system and was wondering whether it was patented or not. He talked to a patent lawyer, did some research on it and managed to get the timing system patented. After that, Christian got Chase Tag trademarked and it expanded from that.

With everything in place, they began having small meetup sessions in Hyde Park. They would post the meetups as London Chase Tag on a site called Meetup where people can post different activities. Sometimes the turnout would be small but there were always a couple of people even when it was raining. This displayed that there was an innate interest in the game and that rain or shine people wanted to play this fun game that got them moving in an interesting and fun way. Which is what made it so appealing for so many. It developed from there and they decided to make more complicated obstacle courts when parkour athletes started getting involved and playing. As more people got involved the courts grew in complexity and size.

The Devaux brothers themselves continue to join in and play Chase Tag and thoroughly enjoy it. Christian said the level of the game just keeps getting better and better compared to when he first started it. This may be because more people from various backgrounds are now playing and having fun with it.

The level of chases could be seen when the Devaux brothers decided to hold an event that would make World Chase Tag go viral. The event was called The Storror Chase Off. They decided to create it with Storror, a well-known Parkour team, known for their smooth flow, crazy jumps and just general parkour awesomeness. Within the Chase Off, they had the cheeky Marrero Gang who won the event and who are now the defending champions of World Chase Tag. The other two teams who played were: The Untouchables and Fade. The event was publicized and promoted on all their various social media platforms and shared live through their Facebook Page during the event. Then the final chase from their first event was posted and it spread like wildfire throughout Facebook and the social media platforms hitting over 500K views within 3 days of putting it up.

After it went viral people from various parts of the world began playing it with friends, posting it up, sending and tagging World Chase Tag in it. This response was just the thing they needed to start creating the next big event with small meet-ups that would allow everyone a chance to try the game with all sorts of people of different ages and backgrounds.

Additionally, they got some interesting sponsors and partners such as IPro Sport, Block Head, etc.

WCT2- The London Chase Off

The London Chase off was the second big event run by World Chase Tag, with teams having to qualify and send videos to get in. For the event six teams ended up competing, these included:
Marrero Gang
Blacklist Project (A team from France)
Urban Generations
PK Monsters
The Monster Hunters (A surprise team that had Seb. Foucan in it)

The event was entertaining as the teams went head to head. The final two teams to compete were the PK Monsters and the Marrero Gang. Marrero Gang swiftly became the World Chase Tag champions for the second time in a row. However, there was a bit of controversy as one team, who drew with Marrero Gang felt that they should have gone to sudden death to determine who went through to the finals.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next big World Chase Tag event. Will Marrero Gang still hold their title or will another team sneak in and steal it?

The Future

In terms of what they hope for in the future of World Chase Tag, they hope that it will eventually be turned into a Sport. Other than that, Christian and Damien hope to bring World Chase Tag to different parts of the world and host more events in various places.

So if you want to have some fun playing a well-loved game with a twist, be sure to check out their page on facebook to see what events or meet-ups they have coming up.

Finally, if you are Demetrious Johnson, be sure to contact them. They would love to hear from you and see you play.

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