WHAT THE FIG?! Sydney Olsen solo vid, Mcgowan tears up Ireland and more!

Week of parkour 7 [ Apr 29, 2018] is out and Daniel takes a look at Sydney Olsen as athlete of the week, Line Team, Ashigaru skillz competition and a lot more!

First up we have Line Team’s new video. Line team are one of those teams that are a huge collective with some really big names in there, such as Luís Alkmim and Pedro Salgado. There is 11 of them throwing it down in the video and the video feels well produced with such high-quality shots. It is one of those videos that are not going to hit new-comers to parkour because the team is OG, they do not make much stuff but what they do make is great. Daniel’s favourite parts of this video are the duo lines, as the more intricate the shot feels the more you want to watch. The only criticism is that there are not that many of the team shots and this type of video should have more team movement, however, it is understandable considering how big the team is. So it must be difficult to get them all together at the same place to film.

Next up we have the Ashigaru Skillz competition, the video is in German but they are kind enough to sub it in English. From the beginning the colours in this are popping, every shot is beautiful to watch, the video is delicately slow in a good way because it really allows you to understand the challenges set forward and how each athlete competes with them. The long holds in each challenge really put’s you in the mind of the athlete and how the audience reacts is lovely to watch. The big thing you get from this video is a sense of community, and you do not always get that from the big teams. The Ashigaru steepens the shot and you do not realize that you are watching them half the time which is great making you interested in every shot and the newly developing athletes that are forming within their community.

Irish Parkour Power is next on the list, with George McGowan and James Dickson put out a relatively raw video. They are all killing it in every shot and it shows just how hard they are tearing apart the spots in Ireland. It is not a tricker video, it is not a parkour video, it is both, it is freerunning. Instead of focusing on how great things look, they focus on how hard they were.

Try Hard Collective put out a new video called Fools Jam 2018. They have a certain style that a lot of the main teams have but in this video, they are really killing it using this kind of editing technique, the movement in it is amazing especially the freerunning and the flip side of it. We are hyped to see more of this team and the content that they produce.

Athlete of the week has to go to Sydney Oslon, who just put out a new video is probably one of the most well-rounded female free-runners at the moment. What is really great about her and her content is the story that comes with it. It makes us more inclined to watch her stuff as she goes through trials and tribulations that a lot of the other athletes do not show and the way she talks about it really comes out in her videos. Oslon, being at the top of the scene at the moment is great, as she is a great role model.

Next up we have Müv Magazine, they are currently doing a series at the moment called, What the FIG, and each video is a live stream where they talk to important people about the current debate over FIG’s take over of the sport. The series aims to get both sides of the discussion. We hope they get people on the show like IPF or even FIG representatives that can help sort out the issue and help put out a clear message.

Finally, we have another podcast called Height Drop by Brandon Douglass. There is a podcast pretty much every week, with him and his mates about parkour and what is happening within it. The one that really got Daniel interested was his talk with Max Henry, about the whole FIG situation. What was great about this video is because they are such well-known athletes they know a lot of people such as Max Henry who is an ex- WFWP athlete, he knows Victor and David who are at the top of IPF and knows a lot of the companies that are currently working with FIG and what he clarifies about this issue is that so much of this stuff is not malicious and that there are good intentions on both sides. Douglass’s podcast is not about FIG it’s a parkour lifestyle podcast, and s a lovely podcast to laugh along with so go and check it out.

Links of the videos mentioned below, be sure to check them out!

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Article written by Elizabeth Hopkins. Video filmed and edited by Daniel Hempenstall.

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