FISE? what happened, Storror hit 1 million and London’s best

In Week of Parkour 6 [ Apr 10, 2018], Daniel takes a look at the FISE event and gives us his opinion on FIG. Storror reaches a million views and we have a look at two of London’s best-underrated athletes.


First up we have the controversy of Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), last week the FIG held the first day of their world cup at FISE Hiroshima 2018. The event looks as though it was a success, and it looks like it captured a huge audience. As many of you now know the FIG has said they want to be the sole federation in control of parkour. Their background being gymnastics has caused much debate within the community with many athletes saying they will boycott any FIG events and some new faces have joined in since their qualifiers. They’ve already released their first-day video and you can watch it on the link below and see it for yourself.

Lorena Abreu, a prominent freerunner has released a video detailing the pros and the cons of this FIG event. There has been a lot of backlash from the community. The jists of the points against FIG are along the lines that they are being economically driven and that they do not share the culture of parkour. While the points defending FIG are that if we join in now we can have a say in the federation when they do take over. It does seem to be that unless the FIG cannot make an economic gain from the sport they might actually take over. There are ways to stop this by supporting your communities and helping them grow but a lot of this might come down to Parkour Earth and FIG’s battle in court.

Daniel’s personal opinion: Parkour should be controlled by itself and passed down through the generations but we want to know your opinion on the topic let us know in the comments below.

Next up we have the Offical Motus Jam video, it really sums up all the highlights of the jam and it helps show off the rising stars in the community such as Kevin Franzén and Arthur Franks. We see Travis Verkaik doing a great side flip pre at Oval and Jay Clark unlocking a huge new pre.

Storror reached 1 million subscribers last week and released a video explaining how they got there. The video gives you goosebumps and it is really nice to watch where they came from, and where they are now. What you really get from this video is the journey that they have travelled. It really displays how much they have developed and grown as athletes and as a team. Storror are innovators within this community and it is amazing to see what they can do.

Due to there not being many good videoes this week, Daniel has chosen two athletes from the London community to showcase. First, up is Georgia Munroe, she is one of the most underrated female athletes out there. It is not a lie when we say Georgia is probably one of the best traceuses’ in the world. Since the beginning of the year, she has been doing a 365-day video challenge. So far she has kept it up and seeing her commitment every day doing something is really nice to watch. So go and check her out.

The second athlete is Arthur Franks, he probably doesn’t need this but he’s a rising star, the progression he has made in the last year has been great to watch and he is starting to become well known in the athletic scene. Arthur’s putting out a video pretty much every other day, destroying every London spot. So go and check him out too.

Trust us when we say they are both athletes to watch and they may both be competing in the upcoming Storm competition.

Finally, we are super hyped about the collab between Storror and Cannon. The sneak peaks they are putting out are looking crisp and the sheer range of equipment and production value they have been given are really upping the game. We’re expecting a truly cinematic experience when they finish the video and we don’t think it can go wrong really.

That’s it for this week of parkour!

If you want to see the videos mentioned, check them out in the links below:

2 underrated athletes from London community:


  • Storm competition
  • Storror x Canon project

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Written by Elizabeth Hopkins. Video filmed and edited by Daniel Hempenstall.

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