Feature Athlete 11: Lynn Jung-Part 3/4

In part 3 of our interview with Lynn Jung, a professional and prominent female parkour athlete within the community, we look into the various sports she’s picked up, her injury, the recovery, and more.

Other Sports

I’ve picked quite a few different hobbies over the past couple of years. Because of a stress fracture, I couldn’t do parkour for over year and wasn’t able to take much impact for about 2 and half years. That’s what got me into yoga, freediving and especially weightlifting.

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Does weightlifting help your jump?

Yes, I definitely think I am more powerful now than I was before my injury. Especially my landings feel much stronger and I do feel a bit more powerful in my jumps as well. I don’t feel quite as fragile anymore even though I do still worry whenever I take too much impact. My shins just don’t agree with impact all that much. 

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The Injury

I got a bit unlucky in 2017 to say the least. I fractured my shinbone and have had a nightmare of a recovery to be honest. The exact term is an “anterior tibial cortex fracture” or a “dreaded black line” and it is a high risk fracture which means that it is likely to fail to heal as there is poor blood supply going to the front of the shin. It took me out for over two years and I still struggle mentally and sometimes physically from the consequences of the injury. But it has also made me stronger in a lot of ways. My training focus has shifted and I do respect my body a lot more now than I did 5 years ago. Like many athletes I must have been convinced that pushing through pain and injury proved my love and dedication to the sport. I always felt bad about having rest days or even just having a day off parkour and enjoy a different sport. I had to learn the hard way. 

Injury on the Job

Weirdly 2017 was one of my best years – in terms of jobs at least, definitely not in terms of training and progressing as an athlete physically. I did 3 major campaigns on a fractured shin simply because I hadn’t gotten the right diagnosis and wasn’t aware of how bad of a situation I was in. After the diagnosis I had to turn down most of the jobs but some of the clients were happy to work around my injury and sometimes even wanted to highlight the fact that I was injured and show how I adapted my training. 

I was of course worried I would lose XDubai as my sponsor but they were super supportive and I am so grateful I have been on their team for quite a few years now. 

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The recovery was very long and frustrating and luckily at the beginning, I had no idea I was gonna be in for such a treat. I was given a lot of bad advice from doctors who to be fair had never had a patient with the same injury, I spent all the money I made from parkour that year on treatments that all failed in the end, travelled to different specialists all over Europe and eventually moved back to Luxembourg to stay with my family for a while and to get regular treatments and check-ups in the Luxembourgish Sports Clinic. I am very thankful for all the efforts their staff made and the mental support I had from my family and friends at home as I wasn’t doing too well at times.

Luckily I never lost motivation to move and I managed to find comfort in Yoga and handstand practice. I also started to meditate and worked hard to accept that sometimes things are out of our control and sometimes life just sucks. It also taught me patience and the ability to always look for the positive and see how privileged I am despite going through a bit of a rough patch. 

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Upcoming videos?

I filmed a video together with Mel from Sqvadron in San Francisco in 2019 and I hope it will be released soon. I am super happy with the lines we did for it and very excited to share it with everyone.
Storm is currently planning a project but I don’t want to give away too much. One thing is for sure though, I need to work really hard to be able to tick off the lines that are on my list for the next video project. It’s both scary and exciting. 

Are you going to have another women’s line out?

I released the Storm women’s line in 2018 and it was very much a passion project of mine during my recovery. It was a way to stay busy and active within the community. Most parkour clothes are unisex which is great but what that really means is that the clothes are designed to fit men – and women too. Unisex clothes always cater to a male clientele first. I thought it would be cool to have a women’s line to make a statement that women deserve to have clothes designed specifically for them. Some of the guys actually liked the women’s sweatpants and tried them on but they didn’t quite fit them right. Initially I wanted to design leggings and a sports bra but it became obvious quite quickly that this wasn’t a feasible project. I might consider another women’s line but it will always be a limited edition as we cater to a niche within a niche and the profit margin on it (if any) is very slim. The workload on the other hand really isn’t. 

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Who would you collab with?

That’s a hard one. I’ve worked with some incredible people in the past. It is always cool to work on creative projects or have some freedom and involvement in the creative process. I work best with people that can guide you and get the best out of you without forcing you into a role you feel uncomfortable in. I love working with brands that are interested in real people and get them involved in projects because they truly admire what they do or what they stand for. That said, some of my best jobs have been the ones that require me to be someone else completely. Unless I have to become a cat for 5 months and learn all the jellicle songs – that is not my idea of a dream job. 

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