Feature Athlete 11: Lynn Jung-Part 2/4

In this second part with the talented parkour athlete Lynn Jung, we talk about UK based team Storm Freerun, formed in early 2010, her most memorable job, and more. 

Favourite Trip and First Time travelling with Storm

Lynn: There have been so many great trips in the past years but the most memorable one is probably my first America trip with Storm in 2015. This was before I was even on the team, but that trip definitely was a step in that direction. I got along with everyone super well and we travelled around America for 6 weeks, just training and filming for the Storm Feature film – which we never actually got to finish due to a lack of funding. Anyways, the trip was fun.

From: @StormFreerun – Storm Jam America-New York- EP1

We started off in Woodward for a week, which was an incredible experience and completely new to me and years later I still get excited every time I get to go back. After that, we travelled to New York, Chicago, Toronto, Denver and I think our final stop was in LA.

From: @StormFreerun – Storm Jam America-Toronto- EP2

There were other places too but the memory has gotten a bit blurry. We were mostly meeting up with locals, filming and also hosting jams in different gyms. I met so many people on that trip that have now become friends. That trip somehow marks the beginning of traveling for training and some of my best memories were made on that trip.

From: @StormFreerun – Storm Jam America-Boulder- EP3

Joining Storm Freerun

Lynn: I moved to the UK a couple of months after the Storm America Tour. I didn’t move because of Storm, but me moving here definitely made things easier in terms of joining the team. So this was in 2015. I had spent a lot of time in the UK before moving here. I wanted to make parkour my career and had signed up with an agency in London whilst still living in Austria. I thought that the UK might be the only way of making a proper living from parkour as the majority of professional freerunners I knew of were based in London. Not sure if this was actually true but it worked out for me so I am glad I made that decision back then. That said, my main reason for moving was always Kie. We started seeing each other in 2013 and moving to the UK just made sense. Through Kie I had met all of Storm and got to know everyone properly on the America trip. I joined the team in Summer 2016. It wasn’t very straight forward to be honest. I was actually asked by another team to join them and as I was not part of a team yet I was about to say yes. That’s when Storm asked me to join the team. And of course I said yes. 

From: @StormFreerun – Lynn Jung 2016 Showreel

Being the only female in Storm

Lynn:  That’s a hard one to answer because I do not know what it would be like to be on a team with more women. Women just are a minority in Parkour and that’s how it has always been so of course I would love to have another female on the team. But I also don’t mind being the only woman. Since I joined, the team has changed quite a bit. Some athletes left and others joined. Unfortunately it’s always been guys but there wasn’t ever a female athlete that was around more and who would have fit the team. Maybe there will be in the future. Until then, I don’t mind being the only female on the team. The only time I notice this is when we are all travelling together which isn’t all that often. And even then, it’s often not a Storm exclusive trip and there will most likely be other women around. 

From: @StormFreerun – Fall – Storm Freerun

Do you ever get involved with the editing side of the videos?

Lynn: No, the editing is mostly Kie. At least when we do a proper video with nice filming and a lot of thought going into the project. Joe and Ed do help with vlogs and BTS sometimes but I am usually not massively involved with edits other than editing photos. I do want to get into video editing more but it’s going to be on my YouTube first because I’ll probably start off rubbish and it won’t be good enough to go on the Storm channel. But I do want to get more involved and I get involved with ideas. We also do not release a ton of videos at the moment. Everyone is busy with work and life and whenever we work on a video it takes up a lot of time. We decided we’d rather release videos less often but whenever we do, focus on quality cinematography and editing. 

The Light Work 

Lynn: “Light Work” was entirely Ed’s idea. Kie was filming and editing and Joe and Tim were helping with BTS and just in general with the project. I was pretty busy at the time so I didn’t go on that trip and wasn’t involved in the project. That’s how it mostly works if we are not all involved in a project. Whoever has time gets involved either in front or behind the camera. But if people are busy then obviously they choose their priority. The last video the whole team was involved in was a video we shot in Malta with The Motus Projects. I went on the trip to help with photos and just because it’s always good fun. I had a fractured shin at the time so I haven’t been heavily involved in a video project for a good while now, simply because of injuries. The next one will be different though and I am very excited for that. 

From: @StormFreerun – LightWork

Most memorable Job

Lynn: There have been a lot of memorable jobs. Some because they were amazing and some because they weren’t very fun. I think anyone who makes a living from parkour has had some bad experiences on set. I think it is sometimes because the client or director or both do not know what is physically possible and sometimes they come up with very crazy ideas. Mostly it’s good fun though. Usually jobs also mean travelling and that is something I do not take for granted and I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have had in the past and hopefully will have in the future. One of my favourite projects to work on was a commercial I shot in Luxembourg. The commercial turned out so nice and filming for a local brand in my home country is definitely a treat. It was nice because I got to spend time with my family while on a job, rather than staying in a hotel in an unfamiliar place. I loved the way I was involved in the creative process of it all and even though there wasn’t too much parkour involved it is maybe my favourite commercial I have worked on. 

From: @Lynn_jung ‘s Instagram


 Lynn: As a teenager I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer but then I never followed through with it. Mainly because of self-doubts and because of being very young and not knowing how to go about things. So after I finished school in Luxembourg I moved to Austria to study politics and attended dance classes a couple of times a week. I miss dancing and sometimes think about going to classes in Brighton. It is a commitment though and as I travel so much I never feel settled enough to commit to regular classes. Having a dance background does come in handy sometimes when working on set or on shows. Sometimes I do get jobs specifically because of my dance background. It is rare but it happens and I usually really like those jobs. I did a commercial a few years ago in which I played a ballerina who dances out of line and metaphorically breaks free from all the rules – physically they had me vault out of a window and freerun and dance through the streets of Lisbon. The commercial turned out amazing.

From: @Stormfreerun Instagram

I am most likely gonna be involved in a production starting in 2021 which will combine parkour and dance and I am very excited about it and cannot wait to work with the choreographer. She’s amazing and I am sure we’ll create something beautiful. 

People often ask if my dance background has helped me with my parkour. Although I do believe it influenced the way I move I do not think parkour and dance are close enough together to really give you a head start at all. It can even be a disadvantage in terms of having to get rid of old habits. I struggle to stride properly because as soon as I take off, my front leg reaches out the same way it would during a grand jete. It took me ages to get rid of that. The same can be said for gymnasts though. Gymnastics gives you amazing body awareness but a lot of freerunners that come from a gymnastics background will struggle to learn flips that are off-axis. This doesn’t mean that gymnastics won’t help you progress with parkour – but it isn’t as simple as that. I think any sport you, do especially when you are young will help you with whatever sport you will do later on. 

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