Feature Athlete 10: Frank Mejia – Part 3/3

In the final part of the Feature athlete article, Frank talks me through how he got into World Chase Tag, his knee injury and answers the five-year question.

World Chase Tag

Frank: So pretty much what happened is; so Tevon reached out to me, we all know Tevon who is super cool and he was reached out to by Christian and Damien to contract the team and so Tevon reached out to me saying, hey do you want to come?
And I initially said no because I didn’t know if I was good enough and also I was just in an injury state at that moment like I had something wrong with my knee. Then a couple of months go by and I actually started feeling a little bit better and I ask him, hey is that spot still open?
He says, “Sorry Frank, I just got it filled.”
I was like Ahh dang it. Then he messages me like 2 weeks later saying the guy dropped out. I was like ok I am so down for this. And so then I started to try to recondition again but I could only get so far with it, with the amount of time I had left. Cause I think we were like a month if not 3 weeks out before tag.
And so yeah, that’s how I got part of it. Connections with the right people.

Group Photo of the Teams

The Knee Injury

Frank: It was an overuse from what I could tell somewhere in the groin area that was pulling on it and having it shift a little bit when it bore any weight it would just pinch really hard.

Did it affect you much during World Chase Tag?

Frank: Oh yeah and also the day before the event. We were outside training I think it was near Archway. You know in Archway there’s that rock next to that wall right next to the swing set. So I was doing a running box jump up to that but when I did, I stepped a little bit too close I think, for the box jump and my toe ended up hitting the rock really hard and I ended up just kind of catching the wall, and I was like aww that sucks.
And so what I had was this really achy toe just the whole time and I had to stop training that whole day to make sure I was prepped for world chase tag.

The Experience

Frank: It was definitely an experience, I haven’t felt that much excitement and anxiety in ages, let alone at the same time!

Favourite Chase

Frank: The Chase with Haroon!

How many Chase Tags have you done?

Frank: I only did that one, the one that we met at. Last year, it was a different team that Seth and Davis drove up but next year who knows. From what they say, they might have try-outs or something similar to it. Because we do want to go back out there when we are able to especially when this is all over because it’s a fun event and it’s really exciting.

Do you recommend World Chase Tag?

Frank: If your body and mind are willing I definitely recommend it. It was like being a professional kid.

That 5-year question

Frank: I don’t know where will any of us be, I don’t even know where I’ll be in 5 days’ time. Probably at home if anything. Hmmm…I see myself travelling somewhere for parkour still with probably a more sustainable job than I have at the moment and just being around friends and having fun.

Unless something major happens to drastic I’m more than likely going to stick to parkour until I can’t train as sustainably anymore. Then I’ll transition into a different kind of role for the community.

Note: Audio Feature soon.

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