Feature Athlete 10: Frank Mejia – Part 2/3

Following on from Part 1, Frank Mejia tells us about his biggest parkour achievement, obstacles, next places to travel, and training during Covid-19.

Biggest Achievement:

That’s a tough one, I would say the one that I’m most proud of is being able to qualify for NAPC by getting first at the qualifier because I originally came into that competition thinking I’ll be happy if I  place. Next thing I know I got first. I was like Oh cool I got first. Not too bad I guess. Yeah, that was exciting. That might have been my 3rd or 4th I’m not sure at this point. I think it might have been my 4th year.

So I tried like in previous events but could never like get it just cause I was like either too weak, I had an injury, I was fatigued or just wasn’t in the right headspace but changed in Texas. I guess because I was around a lot more friends, I was around friends in the other ones but this just had a different atmosphere for me. I was like wow, I can do these things.

I came first in skill in Texas and 3rd in Speed in Cinci, which would have maybe been a 2nd or 1st if I didn’t mess up on the course.

Catch Frank at 4:06 and 6:59

The Main Obstacle

Just myself honestly, like I think a lot of people can say that at one point or another in their lives, it’s just they’ll just have an underlying thought or something bad or they’ll make an excuse for where they don’t progress further with it. I think the biggest thing for me was just not being able to understand is I can do a lot of cool things if I just apply it. A great example of that is the cast back. I know I can probably do it physically but I never forced myself to do it, until that moment I was like ok I can. This means I can probably do a lot more things than just that. I’ll have to try something crazier next. So if anything just myself.


 Not trying as much as I know I can. I would say that’s probably my biggest fear just knowing I could have done more and not doing it, to begin with.


I’ve gotten around the states more than anything but I’ve only gone to Europe once. And that was for World Chase Tag where we both met.

Next place to go:

Back in London, because I love the community there, or maybe Germany just because I’m curious to see what the community is like out there, they all seem like nice people and everything and it would be fun to see how their training differs from my own.

How would you say your training has been effected during the lockdown?

It’s been kind of half and half, some video chats here and there with friends and just a lot of solo training. I don’t really mind cause it was usually around when I started taking parkour more seriously that’s when a lot of my friends dropped out. So I was always training by myself to begin with anyway. This is just bringing me back to high school days if anything, of just training hard every day. That is why a lot of this is more reminisce to me of like the early days of training.

In the last part of Frank’s interview, we look at how he got into World Chase Tag.

Note: Audio Feature soon.

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