Top 10 Vids.-APRIL 2020

During the lockdown, while there’s been a fair amount of downtime, I decided to sit down and check out loads of parkour videos. These videos are mainly from youtube but I have also added a few Instagram TV ones into the mix as well, as many traceurs now mainly use Instagram to post their videos.


1. First up a video from Storror, C&J Locked is definitely one of the most unique videos, I’ve seen in a while and maybe boarding on slightly strange. Regardless, I thought it was one of the best videos I’d seen in a while as it was very interesting and it made me want to see more. I’m curious to see if they will do something similar again in the future.

Texas Parkour POV 🇺🇸

2. Texas Parkour POV is a refreshing take on a POV, I love the flow, the movement, and the music in this video. The collaboration between Ampisound and The Unknown Project is a great match and I can’t wait for them to do more stuff together. They have previously collaborated and put out New York Rooftop Parkour POV which if you have not checked out yet. I do recommend it.

London’s WAR on Parkour

3. If you have not watched a JimmyTheGiant video yet, and you do parkour or have an interest in it. I would suggest you go and check out his videos, they are informative, interesting and are mainly about parkour. This video had to go in the Top 10 as it showed us some of the most iconic spots in London, why they became iconic, why some of them have been torn down and what we’re doing as a community to keep them(Vauxhall) alive.

Tarzan Part 1-City

4. This stunning video was created by Skochypstiks founder Ševo Saša. Part 1 shows a chase scene based in the City of Zagreb (Croatia), it flows so smoothly and is so beautifully filmed that it definitely had to be in our top 10. We recommend you watch Part 2 which is equally, if not more beautiful, set in Slovenia (Dolina Soče). It shows Tarzan’s grandson played by Ševo exploring the jungle barefoot. It’s safe to say both those locations have been added to our travel list.


5. Here we have Team What! with beautiful flowy lines, big jumps, and flips. You really see the friendship between these guys, the fun they have together training, and how they bounce off one another to do more. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come out with next.

Frank Mejia Training

6. Frank Mejia’s training video, just displays so much parkour in so many different locations. I put it the Top 10 of this month because his movement is so nice and smooth, and so unusual. If you’ve ever seen him move in real life, you’ll know how much power and tech this guy has.

Stay At Home-Part 2

7. Stay at Home Part 1 and Part 2 were both great, it gave us a little insight on how the athletes are doing and how they are training during the lockdown. I would love to have Robbie’s garden set-up or Johnston’s home gym. The dogs and foxes in part 2 were a cute addition and it was funny watching Luke running around and trying to get his dog on a lead.

#1 Solo Training Session Vlog (Dylan Pawson)

8. Looking on the brighter side of self-isolation, Dylan Pawson trained in a local spot that he never did before the lockdown and found out it was a pretty awesome spot for Parkour. There are some really nice challenges in this video and it’ll be interesting to see if he gets the ones he couldn’t in a later video.

Norman Lichtenberg -Showreel 2019

9. Norman Lichtenberg showreel 2019, is a video of the work he has been involved in and includes some really nice parkour lines. It’s nice to see that Asigaru is still dropping content even though it has been harder to do so. Although I look forward to when they are all back together again and seeing what they put out then.

Left over the years

10. Last but not least is a 10-year look back at Jannis Schauer‘s parkour journey. It’s a bit of a long one, so you may want to grab yourself a cup of tea but it is definitely worth the watch. It shows 10 years of dedication to Parkour with some insane movement, awesome spots, flow, and of course it wouldn’t be a true ten-year video without some bails in there. But my favourite part is seeing Jannis progression in parkour and seeing the jumps and moves getting harder and the tech getting better.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed the videos selected. Keep an eye out for the Top 10 videos – May 2020.

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