World of Parkour Gear Review: WeFew Shinobi Hoodie

For this review, Dave Hogenboom was sent a piece of clothing. He had no knowledge of what it was going to be. In this case, Dave received a WeFew Shinobi Hoodie.

The hoodie is from WeFew’s Shinobi Collection. Shinobi comes from the Japanese word SHINOBI 忍 (Ninja). The tagline for the collection is ‘Like shadows, we move.’ This highlights traceurs’ abilities to move with stealth and grace.

Whilst wearing the hoodie it certainly makes you feel like a ninja as its easy to move in and the colour black definitely helps with the stealthy look.

It’s high quality and durable material makes it great value for money, and the little details only add to its charm.

The use of two materials makes it unique and also gives it a nice feel.


The issue would be that for some people the cuffs may be slightly too long but once you get them they are actually quite nice, alternatively, you can always roll them up.

All in all, it is an awesome hoodie to have.

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