Parkour Gear Review: Breach Runners Shorts

With the warmer weather now here, let’s take a look at what Breach can offer athletes looking to train in the sun. Their runners shorts have been tested for parkour, bouldering, and running to get a clear understanding of their durability and how well they function.

Essentially, the Runners Shorts are a really solid pair of athletic shorts. They are well made and well designed with a very pleasing visual appearance. The black and white colouring looks really smart, with the embroidered breach logo enhancing the overall visual quality of the shorts. The black and white also means they go well with a lot of different outfits if overall appearance is of importance to the athlete.

The shorts fit fairly loosely and are well ventilated, allowing for plenty of mobility and airflow. For parkour training and bouldering they are very comfortable to wear and function well. For running the great airflow means that they remain comfortable even on very long runs. Great to wear for a variety of activities and a great, versatile piece of clothing for sport in general. They do only go down to a small, so those of shorter stature may find that the shorts are very loose around the legs, but the waistband is adjustable and I have had no trouble wearing them as someone who normally needs XS.

In terms of durability they hold up well. I’ve taken them on numerous long runs as well as using them for indoor and outdoor parkour training, weight lifting sessions and indoor bouldering. So far there are no signs of wear and tear on the shorts at all even though they’ve been put through their paces. A well made, good quality item that will see you through the hot summer days with ease.

In terms of other functionality, the shorts have a spacious pocket either side that allow plenty of room for a phone while walking, although they are definitely not secure enough to hold anything for definite during parkour movements. There is a small zipper pocket on the back but it is not big enough for the average phone. It is a potentially useful size if you are using the shorts for longer runs and need some where to keep a snack or gel pouch, or some money if you happen to be out training without a bag.

The shorts in action during some of Ed Scotts recent training.

Overall the Breach runners shorts are a really solid piece of clothing and a great investment although perhaps not suitable if you are a smaller person and don’t want the shorts to look too baggy. They are available for £35 from the Breach apparel website.


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