Parkour Gear Review: The Motus Projects Multi-Fit Pants

After a good while of testing out The Motus Projects’ most recent pair of training pants in a variety of conditions, they are ready for my verdict. As promised, the Multi-Fit pants are suitable for numerous situations and can be altered on the fly to achieve slightly different looks. They have been tried out for Parkour, bouldering and general wear to get a broad idea of the limits of their flexibility and durability.

Aesthetically, the trousers are great. The cut sits nicely and the adjustable hem is a pleasant addition, allowing you to achieve a looser or more snug-fitting look depending on your preference or how you’re feeling. They are generally comfortable to wear and the fabric is of good quality. From a visual standpoint, they look like they can take some solid wear and tear as well as looking smart enough for general day to day use.

Purely from a comfort standpoint, these are not the most flexible training trousers I have ever owned. They function perfectly well for most parkour movements but there isn’t quite as much stretch in them as your average pair of joggers. When performing certain stretches or any movements that may involve being closer to the limits of your mobility, they can feel a bit restrictive. This was most apparent when they were worn during bouldering sessions. They didn’t hinder the ability to climb but they were not quite as comfortable as I perhaps would have liked. For the sort of training most people are likely to do regularly they are great. One minor negative would be that the opening on the front pockets seems to be ever so slightly too small, so you can’t actually move your hand smoothly in and out of the pockets. They are zippered, but also not big enough to keep the average mobile phone in. The back pockets, on the other hand, are very roomy.

Importantly, they are very durable. They have been washed a number of times now and they have been pushed outside of what they were really designed for, but the stitching has held and there are no obvious signs of wear appearing. The overall quality of the product indicates plenty of use will be had from these trousers before any part of them starts to fail. Value for money definitely guaranteed.

An excellent piece of training gear for anyone who does want a bit more versatility out of their items of clothing. The Multi-Fit Pants fulfil a number of functions and work particularly well for travelling as they can double up for training and as a slightly smarter item of clothing if needed, saving on packing space.

The Multi-Fit Pants are available in black or grey and cost £65 at base price but currently on sale for £30.

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