Project Underground 8: Sunday Speed Comp and 16+ Style Finals

With the biggest turn out yet for a project Underground Speed competition and the exciting 16+ Style finals waiting at the end of the day, the Sunday at Nova City was guaranteed to be a great day.


First up we had the Under 16 (U16) Speed competitions. The youngsters naturally had a speed course adjusted to smaller legs, but the course design featured plenty of interesting elements that challenged the competitors technical ability and encouraged them to think creatively about some of the problems presented to them along the route. The U16s’ displayed a high skill level with several of the athletes clearly showing that they had made good use of their practice time and thought carefully about how they would tackle each part of the course.

Speedy Stefy.
Photo taken by Jess Lishman.

The 16+ Speed competition featured big names and high expectations. We were in for an intense hour of great runs, with no athletes looking like they’d comfortably secured the top spot. Charles Poujade performed incredibly in his run and was the one person who caused a few members of the crowd to speculate out loud which run they felt would be the fastest. There were plenty of runs that looked extremely smooth with minimal errors and the overall standard remained high, as it had been all weekend. The number of athletes competing was wonderful to see, especially with so many first time speed competitors stepping up to challenge themselves.

Joseph Hendo speeding through the competition.
Picture taken by Jess Lishman.

Once all the athletes had competed in the Speed competition, it was time to prepare for the 16+ Style final. The course filled with people putting together their runs, allowing the spectators a glimpse of some of the things that might be in store for them when the final got started. Unfortunately, ten minutes before the Style final was due to start, Leo Kirby suffered a concussion that meant it was not safe for him to compete in the final. However, Josh Williams from the US stepped up to fill the gap with five minutes to prepare his run. Josh’s run was extremely memorable both because he’d come in at the last minute to fill a gap in the line up and because of the excitement and passion he showed during his run.


Throughout the Style finals we saw a variety of complex movements and well connected runs. The wealth of skill and creativity on show made for an hour full of energy, with the athletes clearly enjoying being a part of this event. The atmosphere in the room was phenomenal.

Hannes Twist.
Photo taken by Jess Lishman.


Once the 16+ Style finals had come to a close we gathered around for the Skill, Speed and 16+ Style podium results.

In the 16+ age category Joe Henderson, Ed Scott and Tom Redfern received their awards from the Friday Skill competition.
Charles Poujade, David Nelmes and Tom Redfern secured the podium positions for 16+ speed while, Krystian Kowalewski, Hannes Larsson and Morgan Tsang were confirmed as 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the Style comp.

Nova City put on a fabulous event that really displayed the energy and dedication present in the community. The future looks bright and Project Underground is set to keep growing each time it graces our calendars.


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