Compilations for days, Storror in Brazil, Dive rolls and More!

Week of Parkour 4 (March 6, 2018) showcases Caryl Moller, Storror in Brazil, Denster’s dive roll compilation and more!

First up we have Caryl Moller from Switzerland, he is only 17 years old and has put out a well-rounded Instagram compilation. From the first shot you know it is going to be a good video as he commits to doing a huge pre, it’s gnarly and technical and he gets away safely. What Daniel loves about Moller’s movement is that it is so well-rounded as throughout the whole video it feels as though it is ticking all the boxes from flips to parkour movement he’s performing at an athletic level.  His movement is clean and technical, and for his level of movement, he is definitely an underrated athlete who you should keep an eye out for.

Next up, we have two videos from Storror Brazil Series. Both videos show the Brazillian parkour community and how they are keeping up with the London scene. Whats really interesting about the series is that their two forms of filming are starting to clash. Sasha’s and Toby’s high level of film work compared to the go-pros that the others use are really starting to mix in a disjointed way. It would be nice if everything was filmed cinematically but the necessity of the go-pro comes through also. It will be interesting to see their upcoming series, to see if the two forms of filming are going to start mixing better. Their choice of using gimbals in this Brazillian environment really helps keep the energy and the impact of the movement going throughout the whole video. The Storror’s devotion to these travel videos is really starting to pay off. Each one feels like a mini RCA when the action from the video moves to a single purpose it’s really interesting and allows us to engage with the video and care for the Storror guys and what they are going through.

Then we have Denster’s dive roll compilation. It’s incredible to watch him push the fold and show what is possible in dive-rolling. His movement in dive-rolling really show technical perfection and are a great example if you are looking to do them also. There is two minutes worth of them. Give it a watch.

Kie Willis has a compilation of his recent movement whilst traveling around. Kie’s movement is at such a high level and its lovely to watch. It’s nice to see him reintroducing side-flips into his movement and that even in such a short time, they just get bigger and bigger and more technical.

There has been a huge amount of mini-movement this week. The three we’re showcasing this week are:
Max Henry’s pole cat bounce beautifully controlled. Max Henry keeps popping up with these little videos which display that he is seriously good at what he does.
Secondly, we have Endjis Miscenko at Lisbon’s new parkour park performing a lot of technical movement.
Thirdly, Waldi Muller performing both creative and powerful movement.

Quick Mentions are:
Brodie Pawson POV video,  Brewman’s flips from the End is Nye and Toby Segar’s movement in Brazil.

Check out who was mentioned and displayed in the video below:

  1. Caryl Moller –…
  2. Storror Brazil Series –…
  3. Denester –…
  4. Kie Willis –…

Mini Movements:

  1. Max Henry –…
  2. Endjis Miscenko –…
  3. Waldi Muller –…


  1. Brodie Pawson –
  2. End is Nye –
  3. Toby Segar –…


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Written by Elizabeth Hopkins. Video filmed and edited by Daniel Hempenstall.

©World of Parkour 2018

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