Project Underground 8: Saturday Style Qualifiers and U12/U16 Finals

The Friday skill competition had been extremely busy, but it seemed that Nova city somehow managed to fit more people in on the Saturday as we awaited the start of the style qualifiers.

To begin with we were treated to an incredible show of ability from the U12 (under 12) style athletes. The athlete pool for this age group mostly featured kids from the local region, but even so, there were a skilful range of moves being thrown down that most adults would be happy to try and pull off. It was exciting to see such a high skill level from such young athletes and it gives us a lot of hope for the next generation. It felt like a lot of people in the room hadn’t been expecting to see so many maturely put together runs created by the youngest competitors.

The Style Athletes
Picture taken by Jess Lishman

Next up were the U16s (under 16), who managed to dial up the already impressive showing from the U12s, reaffirming that the next five years of our sport will be very interesting to watch. A crowd favourite and Nova City gym regular, Elise Bickley was true to form with a fantastic qualifier run, displaying her capabilities and the strength of the youngsters there. Some big moves were thrown down with both skill and consistency.

Leo doing a twist
Picture taken by Jess Lishman

Once the U16 qualifiers had finished the 16+ qualifiers were quickly underway. A number of regulars on the competition circuit were present as well as a number of virtually unknown athletes and first time competitors. We would get to witness an exceptional level of performance from everyone and as it was with Fridays skill competition, from the crowds perspective the skill gap between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the athlete pool seemed minimal. Some of the less experienced and younger athletes succumbed to nerves a little in their runs but it was wonderful to see so many people taking part and giving their best and to see so many first time competitors. It can’t have been anything other than a very tough process to decide who went through to the 16+ style finals. The atmosphere in the room was intense and it was awesome to see a variety of styles being showcased.

Front Flip Galore
Picture taken by Jess Lishman

The 16+ qualifiers featured a number of athletes from all around the world. Several members of a German team called Stampede Freerun attended the event to compete, as well as people from other countries such as the US, Mexico, and Poland. It was clear that Project Underground is an event many people are excitedly looking forward to on their calendars.

The U12 and U16 style finals rounded off a day of phenomenal displays of movement with more phenomenal displays of movement. The judges managed to decide who would take podium places for the younger age groups. Sunday would see the Speed comp and 16+ style finals take place to finish off what had so far been a wonderful weekend of events to watch.

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