Project Underground 8: Friday Skill Competition

This years winter instalment of Project Underground at Nova City, Rotherham, UK, kicked off on Friday 3rd January with an open Jam to start off the afternoon. Athletes and spectators from all over the world gathered at the venue to compete and witness what this years event had to offer.

Later in the afternoon the first round of the skill comp began, with competitors having one hour to complete as many of the challenges as possible. The competitors appeared to be judged on how many challenges they completed and the number of attempts it took. The top scorers all went through to the second round. A lot of people took part in the first round, with the first skill competition at Project Underground proving to be extremely popular. Three people managed to complete all the first round challenges.

The Audience.
Picture taken by Jess Lishman

For the second round, those who had made it through had a restricted amount of time to complete five very difficult challenges. Substantial dive kong to rail pres, complex lache sequences and insane power challenges. The five tasks covered a wide skill range, meaning any athlete wanting to advance to the final round must be extremely well rounded. The skill level of the competitors was immensely high and the second round was drawn out longer than expected because there ended up being a tie breaker between four athletes to decide who would secure the final slot in the third round. After a battle with two tricky challenges, the full list of athletes moving to the final round was completed.

Josh Bryant doing a Lache challenge.
Picture taken by Jess Lishman

For the final round of the skill competition athletes were presented with three challenges, no time limit, but only five attempts in total across all three challenges. These final three challenges were obscenely difficult and no one completed all three of them. Joseph Henderson managed to complete two of the challenges, with every other third round competitor completing one, then Ed Scott managing to complete a second in the tie breaker for second place. Tom Redfern took third place after a strong performance.

Ed Scott doing a power challenge.
Picture taken by: Jess Lishman

As a spectator there didn’t appear to be that much skill difference between all the athletes who made it into the second round. It was amazing to see so many people performing at such an impressive level and it was intense to watch because it seemed so close between all the athletes. After such a strong showing and such an amazing performance by all the athletes it seems certain that the skill competition will be returning to project underground in future iterations of the event.

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