Feature Athlete #7: Maximo Balbuena Lorenzo

Maximo Lorenzo is a 17 year old tracuer from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a very skilled traceur. Compared to the rest of the group of athletes in Buenos Aires he is particularly notable in tricks and precisions. He admits he is not very scared of heights so you can often see him flip over walls of different height. This fearlessness of heights allows him to test many different jumps as well as climb up and down buildings. Also, his routes are very quick and explosive.

How Maximo begun parkour

Maximo: I started parkour after searching for it for a long time. I was already doing other activities that I found exciting like breakdancing and one day, I found a flyer that gave information about the “Escuela integral de parkour” which was just one block away from my home and so I started.

How parkour influences Maximo’s life

Maximo: It influences everything. I have been training since I was 13 years old, and parkour was there in all the stages of my adolescence. Parkour sustained me throughout my growth. Thanks to parkour I could distract and vent the problems I had back home and relax my mind.

Obstacles faced in parkour

Maximo: Jumps were never really an obstacle for me since I looked at jumps that I knew I could do and I would go for it by preparing mentally. The thing that was the biggest struggle happened during the first year of my training when I injured my collarbone and I had to stop training for 2-3 months. The hardest thing was not being able to train, and I realised that if parkour is what I wanted to do in life I needed to recover 100% and keep pushing.

Favourite place to train

Maximo: There are a lot. My favourite is the place where I started training which is Parque Chacabucko.

The role of the parkour community in Maximo’s life and training

Maximo: They are my friends and my family. They are super important to me. If I didn’t meet them, I don’t know if I would still be training. They help me in so many things.

Future goals

Maximo: Train a lot, travel the world and see different parkour cultures and people that train in different countries. Expand parkour so that it can really be part of my life in the same way that it is now, so that it can keep being part of my life.

Advice for someone who is starting to train

Maximo: Start slow and enjoy the process because the start is the best part, since it is the start of your journey. It is possible that you don’t realize this because you want to do everything and want to do it now, but you need to realize how important the start is.


Interviewee: Maximo Balbuena Lorenzo. Interviewer: Chiara Fabbri

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