Feature Athlete #6: Luca Muzzupappa

Luca Muzzupappa, a 19 year old, from Argentina. Don’t be fooled by his humble and calm look. Lucas is an explosive jumper as well as being extremely flexible (you will see him at the end of a session stretching side splits with no problems). As it is characteristic of traceurs here in Buenos Aires, he is very skilled in everything that has to do with tricking. He is particularly able in various forms of flips such as wall tricks and twists.

How Luca Begun Parkour

Luca: I started parkour through a friend, who found parkour online. When I learned of people who jumped and did acrobatics on cement to me this was crazy. I saw it as something I wanted to do but it seemed like something impossible. When I found the school, I realized that it is actually possible and so I started training.

How parkour influenced Luca’s life

Luca: It helped me to surpass my fear. This happens to a lot of people. At the start I was really scared of many things. For example first of all it was the heights, and now I see them with more ease. Parkour has taught me that I can surpass many fears by knowing that yes, if I put myself in the right mind-set and commit seriously to something I can do something that initially seemed impossible to me.

Obstacles that Luca has faced in Parkour

Luca: The biggest obstacle was not training as I wanted to when I had a series of injuries which happened one after the other and adding to each other. I wasn’t able to train for 6 months. That was the biggest obstacle.

Luca’s favourite spot to train

Luca: The Rural since it is a very nice place and there are many things you can train. Also there are lots of places around the area to train, so you can go from one spot to the other and really improve.

 The role of the Parkour community in training and life

Luca: What I call community in reality are my friends, many people I have met in parkour that share with me a really good energy. Generally the environment of parkour is something that helps me and inspires me. This is something that really fascinates me.


Luca’s future objectives

Luca: Objectives, would be to travel the world doing parkour, living for and off parkour. Basically, live for what I love, meet new people, possibly meet the Yamakazi and other people that I follow and admire.

Advice for someone who is starting to train

Luca: To go easy at the beginning. I’ve heard that the beginning is the best part and it is true, because you start to work with your fears. It is not like later on when you have a bit of fear but you can overcome it easily. Go easy, enjoy the process, because it is not good to be in a hurry, it can only cause bad outcomes. Everything has its own time because, if you do something you are not prepared for you can get badly injured.


Interviewer: Chiara Fabbri
Interviewee: Luca Muzzupappa

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