Feature Athlete #5: Andrés Ezequiel Duarte

Andrés Ezequiel Duarte is a 29 year old traceur from Argentina, who came back to parkour in the last 5 years even though he had a rough start in parkour. Andrés has proven himself to be a very talented traceur. He has learned from his past mistakes and blocks, so that he is able to overcome them. Parkour is his passion and now he is an inspiration for the younger traceurs he is coaching, and he is teaching them to have a cautious approach to training. Andrés is very expressive in his movement and his improvised lines are often spontaneous and unique. He has very strong technical foundations and at each training session he tries to expand his skills.

The beginning

I started when I was 15 and I trained very often. However due to a bad movement I injured myself pretty badly which created a strong block in me which didn’t allow me to train for 10 years. However, 5 years ago, thanks to this school I could start the discipline again, and well, I will continue doing it for much more time.

How parkour has influenced André’s life:

Parkour has influenced it a lot, I wouldn’t say 360 because it would mean getting back to the starting point, but definitely 180, and it is incredible. Even though I stopped, it is now everything to me.

Obstacles Faced:

A physical obstacle, compared to the beginning when I was 15 the recovery time is longer now. Plus I have tendinitis, so I am currently recuperating, but at the same time it allows me to train at a more conscious level. Mentally, I have recently achieved an obstacle of doing a front from a 4 meter wall which I have been trying to achieve for a long time.

Favourite place to train:

Biblioteca Nacional (national library): is a very important place in my life. Also I like to train in Parque Chacabuco.

The parkour community in both Andrés’s training and life:

Teaching the new generation and helping them. I had the luck to have had someone to guide me physically and mentally so I would like to transmit it back.

Advice for people starting to practice parkour:

That they take the necessary time to learn, everything comes with dedication and constancy. If you are passionate about it, be patient. Everything comes with time. The same is with nature, where you have spring, summer, autumn and winter. A big base of this is nature. There is a time for each season and phase, when you least expect it you will see yourself doing incredible things.

Future goals:

Improve every day, travel and see new types of training that there are in the world.


Interviewer: Chiara Fabbri
Interviewee: Andrés Ezequiel Duarte

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