Feature Athlete #4: Gonzalo Barboza

Gonzalo Barboza, a 20 year old traceur from Argentina. Gonzalo’s parkour flow has a lot of character and is impressive to watch. He has clearly incorporated his years of capoeira into his movement, making his parkour unique and unconventional. Every single step he takes is connected effortlessly to the next without hesitation. Gonzalo’s jumps are powerful and his improvised lines are very expressive and creative.

Another side to Gonzalo’s creativity is that he brings his other skills into his parkour practice. Such as, at the moment he is currently studying cinematography, so he is in the process of combining these two passions of his.

Gonzalo’s Parkour Beginnings:

Gonzalo: I come from doing capoeira and I liked doing acrobatics and lots of different movements. When I left capoeira, I started looking for a discipline that had the same particularities of capoeira. I found parkour. I did a couple of trial classes and from what I saw I liked it very much. I ended up adapting myself quite well.

How parkour influences your life:

Gonzalo:  When I started to train more consistently, I knew exactly what I could do with my body, and what I could do in parkour. Even if I still had some blockages due to fear, knowing what my body could do eventually fascinates me. I love being able to do things that people think is super crazy but in reality you can do it with a little training. This is what nourishes me in parkour.


Gonzalo:  Physically, I don’t have obstacles, never have I had a lesson, neither a strong fall, neither other things that could have scared me.
However I am someone with a lot of fears, and doing parkour influences me a lot to break those fear every day step by step. And physically I am always pushing myself to bigger and more complicated jumps, but I always do it within my capacity.

Favourite training spot:

Gonzalo: I have a lot of affection for the place we are in now (Puerto Madero) because it was the first area I started training in. I also like Parque Chacabuco, and Parque Centenario which are the spots that I go to the most and that I feel more comfortable in.

The parkour community in your training and life

Gonzalo: Today, I keep doing parkour because the parkour community is my family, they are my friends, I feel like I am in a family, I feel committed to the group, this group worries for me and I worry for them, so they keep motivating me and I keep on training.

Future goals

Gonzalo: I just want to have a good time, keep on doing it, I don’t plan on doing it professionally but keep doing it as a big passion of mine and in this family we were just talking about. I would like to travel with my friends in order to expand and learn more. I am very chilled about my future. At the moment I am studying cinematography, so I guess in the future I would like to explore this with parkour.

Advice for someone starting to practice parkour

Gonzalo: Try it, for those ones seeing it in YouTube videos or any other place if they feel that it calls their attention, I would say to them to try it. It is an experience that you won’t forget. If you like it, it can be the door to a new world which would change your mind. And if you are not convinced about it, it will still be an experience that you will not forget because it is a truly beautiful practice.


Interviewer: Chiara Fabbri
Interviewee: Gonzalo Barboza

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