Feature Athlete #3: Santiago Gabriel Bortolin

Santiago Gabriel Bortolin, aged 28 from Argentina is a very powerful traceur. His jumps and strides are effortless and huge due to his past in basketball and gymnastics. As well as this, his movement is technical, clean and precise. His experience in gymnastics is also visible from his various flips, which he is always implementing in his routes.

How he started:

Since I was a kid I did many years of basketball and I always liked jumping. Due to studying, I had to give up on basketball but I carried on with the normal gym. The gym had a place where I could do gymnastics. There, I learned some movements like front and back flip and through a guy there I met the Integral Parkour School. For the past year and a half I have integrated my training in acrobatics to parkour practice.

How parkour has influenced his life:

In reality it has given me more security, the trust that I have in my body I can transmit it to other parts of my life.

Obstacles faced in parkour:

I have a mental obstacle that I am going through, since physically I know I can do a lot of things, but mentally it is different. So I am training little by little, but sometimes it is very difficult. I don’t believe I am someone big, but I think that in this discipline I had to start earlier. It is harder for me to take the fear away than it is for a kid. But it is about doing the jumps and seeing that you are able to do them and letting go of the fear.

Favourite place to train:

Puerto Madero, it is a very big place to do a lot of things and also, a place that I have close to my house, where I go to train alone.

The role of the parkour community in your training and life:

I realized that the role of the community is very important. Sometimes, I am a solitary person and like to train alone but when I have started training with the school I realized that it was very good training with others. Especially with people who are better than me because you get encouragement from them.

Future goals:

For me parkour is a hobby, a very important one. It is my second activity in life with work and it allows me to relax. I would like to be able to do it for many more years.

Advice for people who have started practicing parkour:

If you really like it, you should start with what you can, don’t hurry because, there a lot of videos of really good people and some newcomers expect to get to the gym and do those things straight away. No, you need to go step by step in everything that you do and appreciate the teachings that you are getting.


Interviewer: Chiara Fabbri
Interviewee: Santiago Gabriel Bortolin

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