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On Wednesday 26th May 2019, teams from around Europe descended to York Hall in Bethnal Green, to play World Chase Tag for the World Chase Tag PRO 2GO Euro Championships and become the champions of Europe (minus Marreo team of course, who didn’t need to play this one; they were around though).

Most of the athletes were playing this epic game of cat and mouse for the first time. However the game was anything but cautious. It was a night full of split hair misses, insane leaps of faith and lightning fast air grabs. The audience were left in awe cheering for their favourite teams and people.

It was an exciting night to say the least. With an amazing selection of teams and athletes it was not one to miss.

The game

The teams


A Spain based team of highly skilled parkour practitioners. They were extremely quick. I reckon given a few more chases with other teams they would have definitely been a team to reckon with.

The members:


A German based team, known in the parkour community for their playful antics, skill level and unique videos. This was their second World Chase Tag competition but a few of their athletes were injured before the event. Unfortunately we only got to see them in the qualifiers.

The members:


A France based team. A powerful, speedy team. This is their third World Chase Tag competition and each year they have only gotten stronger. This year they had planned to have Sebastian Foucan, the founder of free-running as part of their team but due to a injury he was their coach instead. A couple of these athletes have appeared on the Ultimate Beast Master and Ninja Warrior.

Augustine Ciavaldini did amazing with 3 evasions right off the get go. Followed up by David Nelmes winning 2 evasions and Nabil winning the last one

Blacklist went through to the semifinals with a staggering 6-0 against Fifth Unit.

The members:


A team that is certainly getting a lot of attention as of late. Run by Chris Ilabaca, Breach has released a clothing line, various high quality videos showcasing their clothing and sponsored athlete’s skill level.

Although this was their first rodeo and they had a last minute replacement with Arthur Franks replacing Orlando Devaux due to an injury; Breach played incredibly, with Xavia Rodriguez winning an incredible 3 consecutive evasions! Phil Doyle also won them a point.

Which meant they won 4-1 against Ashiguru, gaining them a place in the semifinals.

The members:


Based in different parts of Europe. A powerful team with some seriously well known names in the parkour community. They were definitely a team to reckon with. Pedro Salgodo known for his speed, Bartje van der Linden for his flow and Eric Moor with his experience on the court. Eric Moor replaced Joe Scandrett due to an injury a few days prior (we were amazed he even showed up).

Euro squad managed to get a 2-1 win against The Motus Project team allowing them to qualify for the semifinals.

The members:

Fifth Unit

WCT Our Championships – 26th June – York Hall – Free Entry – Doors Open 19:30.

WCT Euro Championships – 26th June – York Hall – Free Entry – Doors Open 19:30. UK team announcement @fifthunitparkour @chris.fifthunit @james.fifthunit @harvey.fifthunit @doddspk @seb.brewman Thanks to our event sponsors, PRO 2GO, we can offer one hours sessions for you and your friends to chase on the official WCT Quad on 26th + 27th June, check out the PRO 2GO Eventbrite page for more details. 👊#worldchasetag #chasetag #WCT #parkour #freerunning #ultimatetag #keepchasing #dontgetcaught edit by SpiderGirll Marcusmeadpk

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A UK based parkour team. These cheeky lads have been putting out content for well over a few years and this year have ventured into the world of podcasting. Both Jack Dods and Seb Koci helped fill in for some missing Fifth Unit boys. They got the least amount of practice on the court compared to the other teams who arrived much earlier.

Blacklist was a difficult team to be up against on the first go and was probably a great challenge for these lads.

It would be interesting to see how they do against another team.

The members:

The Motus Project

WCT Euro Championships – 26th June – York Hall – Free Entry – Doors Open 19:30.

WCT Euro Championships – 26th June – York Hall – Doors Open 19:30. Last UK team announcement The Motus Projects Lukestonesuk Max Barker – Athlete Robbie Griffith Johnstone Macpherson-Stewarts Jaydn Clark On 26th & 27th June we’re also offering you and your friends an opportunity to chase on the official WCT Quad thanks to our event sponsors PRO 2GO. There are one hour slots available so check out the PRO 2GO Eventbrite page for more details. Keep Chasing!! 👊edit by SpiderGirl Marcusmeadpkk #chasetag #worldchasetag #WCT #keepchasing #dontgetcaught #Pro2Go #parkour #freerunning #ninjawarior

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A UK based parkour team led by Giles Longley. The Motus project has been making waves among the parkour community in the last few years, with their high quality clothing, great videos and of course the young, charismatic, skilful sponsored athletes.

It would have been nice to see a few more chases from the lads as I think if they did a few more, they would have gotten more comfortable and gotten more into the swing of things.

The members:

Urban Generations

A London based team known for their skill and playful trickery. These lads banded together to compete in the first World Chase Tag Qualifiers where they dominated. However for the last two World Chase Tags championships they came in second to Marreo Gang.

For the Euro Championship they got through to the semifinals with a 2-1 win against Airmov.

The members:


All the athletes played well and with good sportsmanship. But only four teams could make it to the semifinals, and after a series of shockingly close catches and misses, that turned out to be BREACH, Eurosquad, Urban Generations and Blacklist.

Urban Generations went up against BREACH wining 3-1. BREACH put up a chase but in the end it was not enough to see them through to the finals.

Blacklist went against Eurosquad winning 3-0. Blacklist dominated this championships, and there was a clear improvement in ability and speed compared to last times they competed. Eurosquad did do well and held their own, not allowing too many evasions.

It would have been nice to see the four teams that went out in the qualifiers have a few more chases with one another, maybe as fillers. The reason being is that I think given a few more rounds they would have a really gotten the hang of it and you would have seen some amazing chases.

Not to say that there weren’t some interesting chases in the semifinals.


Final Tensions were high when what were clearly the most powerful final two teams went head to head. Team Urban Generations were acting cocky, taunting and waving at their opponents from across the ring. However they did not manage to break the Blacklist athletes’ serious concentration, and soon enough it was Blacklist’s match point. In the final round it was Urban Generation’s Andy Tomin VS Leo Urban.
Andy bound across to the outer boarder where Leo was waiting, then at the last millisecond Leo swung to the left. Predator and prey sprinted, stepped and slid above and beneath the obstacles, until finally Andy made an insane lunge for Leo. He missed, bailing head first into the side of the ring. After some tense pause and discussion with the mediators it was decided this was a win for Blacklist. What an incredible finale.

We’re looking forward to seeing World Chase Tag World Championships. Will it be Blacklist’s year? Will Urban Generations finally cone in first? Or will Marreo Gang continue to be the champions of World Chase Tag?


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