Parkour Gear Review: Skochypstiks Slim, Regular and Baggy Motion Pants (One that will be Published)

Skochypstiks have been around for a while, making good quality clothing with a lot of thought and soul put into their products. We figured it was time to grab all three cuts of their motion pants and take them out for a spin. A few spins. Ok, quite a lot of spins. After some rigorous testing, we’ve got an idea of what all three types of pants are like for training in and which cuts might suit different styles of practitioners.

To get the best idea of how well these Pants perform in different training environments we set two of our team on the case. Your reviewers are Jess and Dave, using their different sizes and styles to get a well-rounded concept of how Skochypstiks products hold up.

To Begin: The Brand.

Dave: Skochypstiks [Skot-chyp-sticks] the name is already where the greatness begins!
A clothing brand for tracers by tracers. I’ve known Skochypstiks for quite a while now, but they are only on the verge of becoming known worldwide as one of the best Parkour brands the world has to offer.

Coming from Serbia, Sasa Sevo  cofounded the brand as he couldn’t seem to find clothing that fits his needs. With Kristina Ivkovic knowing her way around a sowing machine they made clothes that were perfect for movers/tracers. They added this to the name Skochypstiks that they already had in use and the clothing brand was born.

The word Skochy (skoči) means ‘jump!’ in serbo-croatian, while ‘pstiks’ is simply a suffix added for the complexity of the word – they just wanted to make it a little harder to pronounce. Obstacles are all around us in parkour world, aren’t they?

Starting with the baggy motion pants, a sweater, a hoody which you can still buy, the brand evolved into multiple lines of great pieces of clothing.

Today we are taking a look at the all new:

  • Slim Motion pants    
  • Baggy Motion pants            
  • Regular Motion Pants          

Slim Motion Pants:

Dave: To start of I would like to introduce you to the Slim Motion Pants. The first time I put on these pants I was amazed by how extremely comfortable they are. The fabric is so soft that you don’t want to take these off anymore. Ever. These pants are comfy, skinny fit and stretchy at the same time. At the moment they only come in one colour and that is a black pants with grey parts over the upper legs. The insides of the brilliantly designed pockets have a red fabric. The pants are closed off at the bottom of the leg and have a little rope at the top to tighten around the waist for those who need to do a little more squatting.

Jess: The very first impressions of the Slim Motion pants is that they look fantastic. The grey front panel contrasts beautifully with the black fabric used for the rest of the pants and red stitching on the skochy logo is bold and eye-catching. I’m a short lady and generally fit a UK size 6 around the hips, so I went with an XS pair. They fit extremely well and are very, very comfortable for training as well as general wear.

Due to the slim fit, these pants are very versatile and can suit multiple different styles of training. They might not look as stylish during flowy routes but they’ve definitely been my go-to for training over the winter, whether that be parkour, strength training or bouldering. Their durability holds up well when faced with the odd wall scuffle and if the weather is a bit warm they can also be tucked up to 3/4 length while still feeling very comfortable around the knees.

Dave: The pockets. Woaw! These pants have 3 pockets; 2 open pockets on the side and one on the side of the side. The pockets on the side are like your regular pocket. The ones on the side of the side has a zipper that goes way way wayyy down revealing a huge pocket where you can fit almost anything you don’t want to lose while training. This is amazingly thoughtful. It does give you a little weird bulge when you jumping around with your phone or your keys in that pocket.

Jess: A zippered pocket runs down the right side of the pants for the safekeeping of phones and keys. It’s a pretty sizeable pocket that extends quite far down the right leg so putting too many things in there definitely isn’t advised, unless you particularly like having a lump of stuff juggling about halfway down your thigh. The sheer size of this pocket does seem a bit strange and training while things are in it does feel a bit odd, but it suffices for holding items while you move between spots.

Dave: The pants are made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra which gives the pants a nice stretchy feel without it becoming too stretchy or too stiff.. Seems just right. The pants are Vegan friendly and are made without using any animal products.

Jess: The fabric is soft and has remained superbly comfortable after many training sessions and many washes. I’ve been training in the slim motion pants for nearly six months at the time of writing and they’re showing no signs of wear and no signs of fading.

Dave: These pants are a must have for every modern tracer who doesn’t like the baggy oldskool style or everybody who finds that a baggy pair of pants get too heavy or get in the way. For those of you who always have stuff in their pockets, than these are the Skochys for you!

I enjoyed training in these pants and have them on more often than I would like to admit. These are definitely my go to pants when I teach or train myself.

Baggy Motion Pants

Dave: The Baggy pants have been more of a favourite of mine for quite a while. The pants have a soft feel and give you nice freedom of movement. There were no pants that could top the baggy look, without making the pants too heavy. They came in a lot of nice colours, fitting to all the kinds of ways you want yourself to look while training. Red, grey, blue, brown, green, black, they have (had) it all. The pants are built up out of 2 parts of fabric. A smoother fabric that goes over the legs and a little rougher type of fabric that covers the inside of the legs.
Good for grip on the inside of your legs 😉

Jess: Rolling with the more widely envisioned image of what parkour clothing looks like, the Baggy Motion pants perfect that swishy, flowy vibe. This item of clothing has been available from Skochypstiks for a long time and is periodically available in different colours, with the design generally remaining very similar to the original idea.

Dave: These pants are also closed at the bottom and because they are nice and baggy, the fabric falls nicely on your shoe/foot because of that. It simply looks amazing.
The pants are fitted with a little lace around the waist so you can tighten your pants so you don’t lose it when jumping the Manpower gap.

Jess: As with any baggier item of clothing, there is always a slight chance of catching your foot on the fabric mid vault but from an aesthetic point of view, they work very well when constructing those lower impact flow routes. Their loose fit makes them good in warmer weather and they can be rolled up for some additional airflow to the shins .

Dave: I have to mention the pockets again. These pants come with 2 open pockets on the side and 1 close-able pocket on the front. This pocket closes with a zipper and can fit a modern smartphone.

Jess: The zippered phone pocket on the Baggy Motion pants is the same design at the pocket on the Regular Motion pants and works just as well. A really useful pocket design for anyone who moves a lot.

Dave: The Baggy Motion pants are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which gives the pants a nice stretchy feel without it becoming too stretchy or too stiff.. Seems just right. The pants are Vegan friendly and are made without using any animal products.

Jess: Slightly different fabric is used for these pants and in direct comparison with the slim and regular motion pants it does not feel as comfortable. Once you’ve got them on and you’re moving around, they still feel great to wear.

Dave: These pants are a must have for every tracer who still loves the old-skool look or everybody who just loves the freedom that baggy pants give. These pants are a little heavier than the Slim or Regular Motion pants, but not annoyingly heavy if you ask me. These pants have been my favourite for quite some time and I wear them until they get worn down and then I order some new ones. Fortunately Skochy keeps upgrading their pants and the amazing colours they come in, so its worth keeping an eye out for the Baggy Motion Pants.

Regular Motion Pants

Dave: The Regular Motion Pants are a new pair of pants that Skochy added to their already amazing repertoire. These pants fall right in between the slim pants and the baggy pants and are therefore.. Regular Motion Pants. Not heavy, not light, just Regular Motion Pants. These come in Black and Forest Green.

Jess: Skochy’s Regular Motion pants are what you would probably describe as a fairly standard pair of training pants. They have all the durability and flexibility of the Slim Motion pants but with a slightly looser cut and without the slightly more adventurous design, although the grey fabric used on the insides of the pockets and the grey stitching on the Skochy logo combined with the stitching patterns gives them a pleasing visual appearance that offers the pants an aesthetic edge. Presenting a slightly more old school vibe, these pants don’t fit in with any of the current fashion trends that seem to be more prevalent in the sport at the moment, simply offering a very well made and nice looking pair of trousers to train in. A back to basics feel.

As previously mentioned, their durability and flexibility is superb and the comfort is certainly up to the standard of other skochy products.

Dave: Much like the Baggy Motion pants, these pants come with 2 open pockets on the side and 1 close-able pocket on the front. This pocket closes with a zipper and can fit a modern smartphone. The small zipper is ‘hidden’ in the fabric and this pocket is therefore very handy and hard to notice. Like a ninja pocket.

Jess: Unlike the slim motion pants, the phone pocket has a much better design that allows for a phone to comfortably sit the pocket without really being noticed during training.

Dave: The Regular motion pants are made of 80% cotton and 20% Polyester. The material holds some heat so they will keep you warm when training in colder weather. The pants are Vegan friendly and are made without using any animal products.

Jess: The sizing for the Regular Motion pants seems to be larger than the Slim Motion pants. Again I got the XS pair but the trousers definitely feel looser fitting around the hips than they possibly should. It’s not a major issue and doesn’t affect the performance of the pants since you can adjust the cords easily enough. Regardless, they have proved comfortable for a variety of training .

Dave: These pants are a must have for everybody that moves. Don’t want to have super baggy or skinny fit pants but just great pants to move in? These are the pants for you my friend! With ultimate freedom of movement while looking fancy, these pants definitely gets the heads turning as you fly by.

Overall Verdict:
To conclude it is only fair to say, that Skochypstiks did an outstanding job creating these clothes for tracers all around the world. They are comfortable, affordable and fun to wear that is the way in which we would describe them. It doesn’t matter what your preference is in movement or what kind of style you want to go for because there is a perfect fit for everyone. We hope that this review helps you out in your decision, but if you can’t decide, you should try them all.
Skochypstiks is a must have brand for every tracer who loves to feel comfortable and look good.


Pictures of the trousers:

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