Solidarité 2018: Part 2-Zoetermeer

n the second day of the event, we headed to the Stiltepark in Zoetermeer! I loved the location we would be using, as there was a vast amount of parkour possibilities in this beautiful little area.

When we got there, I went with my new found friend Lana in hunt of a coffee, which wasn’t too far off before settling down and watching as the other participants jumped, climbed and explored this captivating area.

After everyone had arrived, the warm up started. I really enjoyed this warm up, consisting of us running around the lake for a while, followed by some partnered exercises before moving swiftly onto getting into our groups and going for the first session.


Picture of Andy Haug.
Picture taken by: Elizabeth Hopkins.

During our first session we headed towards the sloped rocks with Coach Andy Haug from Germany. Once there, we did a few runs up and down the rocks. Then we worked on standing precision jumps, which we could do either by ourselves or if we chose to, we could work with someone. The distance of the jump was up to us, but the focus was on getting the technique right and landing softly. After that we worked on running precision jumps. Again we could work either by ourselves or with someone.

I found this a useful session and found a few little challenges here and there. I personally found it easier to work with someone else than by myself, as I found it was easier to find more challenges by working together.


The next session was something I probably would never have done, if it had not been for this session. It was gate-vaulting from a bit of height. We worked a bit on gate-vaulting at ground level before moving onto doing it from a height. At first we were spotted by the coaches but after having done it a few times, most of us began doing it by ourselves. I found watching other people in my group quite useful, as I saw that the slower people went the harder it was. I also looked at the hand placement. Both of my observations helped me when it came to my turn. I really enjoyed this session and found it a little challenging mentally.


Rail Balance.
Photo taken from: Parkour Disciplines.

Our third session of the day was balancing. I noticed when balancing was mentioned a lot of my group were not so keen. I was also a little apprehensive as I know my balancing is not that great. Haroon Hanafi, the coach for this session said we had to balance from one end of the rail to the other end. Initially, we were supposed to do this 3 times, this number dropped as it was apparent that most were struggling to do it once though. Those who completed it at least once, moved onto the next part with Sergey Garibian. For this part we had to do a little route which included some running rail precisions, which gradually got harder. After that we did some monkey walking up some rails on a stairway. It was pretty difficult but I was happy that I managed to do it. I think in this session I also got to know some of my group a little better and improved my balancing tech.

At the end of this session was LUNCHTIME!!! As we were hungry, a group of us went to buy some hot food.  Unfortunately, as none of us really knew what time we were restarting we missed the Parkour Spirit Session run by Reggie which I was gutted about. We did however manage to make it to the session after that.


During this session run by Sidney we started off with follow the leader. Although we did not have to do the exact same technique, we did have to follow the same route. For example if he went up, we went up and if he went down, we went down etc. It got us warmed up relatively quickly as there was a lot of up and down and then up again. We did this for a few rounds, getting quicker in each round. Then we worked on wall runs and climbing up and over a rail. Afterwards, we partnered up and worked on a technique to go down. Then a technique to go up. It was a good session that worked on a few different techniques.


Reggy Laatsch and Joline Prummel
Photo taken from: Parkour Disciplines.

In this session we had to be as quiet as possible in everything. First we did some jumps to a wall trying to land as quietly as possible. Then after a few rounds,  we swiftly moved onto vaults. At first we could do whatever vault we wanted. Then Richard Thompson suggested a few to us. After that we did a wall run, climb over then vault or jump, again it had to be as quiet as possible.

For the final part was a little game, where there were two teams, one team closed their eyes and tried to block the other team from getting through the pathway. The other team had to be as quiet as possible and get to the end of the path without getting caught. It was a fun game, and it was interesting to see how well I did blindfolded as well as how quiet I could be so that I wouldn’t get caught.

All in all it was a pretty fun and challenging session, which made you really think about how much noise you make or don’t make whilst practicing parkour.


Last but not least was Jam Time, where you could basically do what you wanted. You could practice, chill, buy merchandise, explore and hang out.

It was a great event in a beautiful area of Holland. The only downside for me was a slight language barrier in some areas, so there was a little confusion as to where we had to go sometimes but other than that I had a good time, met some lovely and friendly people and learnt some things that I probably would not have done otherwise.



Pictures were not taken on the second day of the event. As we did not have a cameraman for the second day. Pictures show what we did roughly.


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