Fluidity Freerun End of Year Jam 2018

After an early start and three hours of hoping the British public transport system was functioning, I completed my journey from Exeter to Cardiff to see out 2018 with a day of jamming at Fluidity Freerun Academy’s wonderful facility.

This was my first time visiting Fluidity and I was pretty excited to get a look at the set up after seeing so many clips online. The official event start time came around and people started to trickle in, warming up together, chatting and starting to try out a few movements. The bar set up was soon festooned with a few of us warming up the slow way with some balancing and small jumps, while a few others started to make themselves at home on the sprung floor and some practitioners could be seen clambering around the rest of the structures, exploring the environment, scouting out routes and jumps. A range of age groups could be seen, with some young kids weaving around the older practitioners and a couple of parents choosing to get involved later in the day.

It wasn’t long before the regular thud of tricks being thrown down on the sprung floor could be heard and various pockets of people started to try out big challenges. It was also nice to see some more relaxed movement also occurring. Games of stick popped up and a small group of us spent a while engaging in an activity where one person chose a movement and a start point and our task was then to make our way to the point where the chosen movement needed to occur and finish our route off with it. It was a pleasant way to break up the day and do something more laid back in-between looking at bigger or more complex movements. As well as general training, groups of people just hanging out together formed, dispersed and re-formed as the day went on. People came together when someone was trying something big and there was a wonderful, supportive atmosphere present.


Fluidity’s set up lends itself well to big lache movements and some huge lache pres were landed over the course of the day, as well as other impressive jumps and routes that made the most of the space available. Some lovely flow routes were carried out on the Vauxhall walls replica and some routes occurred that spanned multiple sections of the setup, showcasing skill and endurance. A few disgusting techy jumps were also spotted and completed, one large, angled rail-pre in particular springs to mind. People challenged each other and shared ideas, pushing each other to excel and build on their movements. Old and new friends trained together and progressed together.

It was wonderful to witness so many different training styles in one place and see so many different people applying their own energy and methods to the space. As the day gradually grew older it was clear to see how people were being inspired by each other and generally enjoying watching other people achieving things as well as progressing themselves.

A fantastic day of training for all involved. Everyone pushed themselves to achieve new things and it was amazing to see some really young practitioners trying relatively big movements. It was a day that exuded a lot of positive energy and showcased what the community has to offer people of all ages and abilities. Fluidity is a superb place for developing various skills and it seemed like everyone got a lot out of their day. A great event at a brilliant location.

Fluidity hosts a variety of events and classes throughout the year. An ideal location to head to if you’re in the vicinity of South Wales.

Website https://www.fluidityfreerunacademy.co.uk/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fluidityfreerun/

Feature image: Taken from Fluidity Freerun Facebook.

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