Gear Review: Take Flight Ultra III

Ok, so here we go. Me and my big mouth enrolled ourselves into gear reviewing! Easy enough right? WRONG. It takes hard work, dedication, and opinions. Also, I needed to figure out a way to not be like all the other reviewers out there.

For me, that means that if I want to review something, I want to review it to the max! In this case; shoes. I will wear one (and only one) pair of shoes for a 3-month span and I will let you know exactly how I feel about that.

Take Flight Ultra III

This time I will be testing and reviewing the Take Flight Ultra III shoes by Take Flight.

Even before I had the shoes I’ve been excitedly telling people that I’m going to review these shoes. Unfortunately, people are biased. I heard a lot of stories about the shoes before I even got to wear them. Mostly stories related to the team where they come from. I tried to look at the shoes like I had no idea where they come from. Just as I would generally look at shoes. A good shoe is a good shoe and a bad shoe is a bad shoe.


From the start, the shoes feel very comfortable. They feel light but still supportive and they look good as well. The shoes are light in weight and very flexible. The shoes are (in my case) black with a suede nose and lace part. The parts on the side seem like it’s mesh but it feels a bit thicker. The nose part has a little of the sole coming up so you have a little extra grip for those moments where you need it ;). The heel is reinforced with rubber.

Well, I can see myself walking around in these. I immediately make a pact with myself that I want to wear these shoes for a month and then read back what I wrote about them to see if my opinion has changed. I’m gonna have so much fun with these shoes! I will use them at work, (I talked myself into owning a Dutch delicacy store for a couple of months.. classic Dave!) use them for training, teaching and even take them out clubbing! Unfortunately, I even had to wear them to a funeral, but the black seemed to work.

Onwards with the review!

After a week of walking in the shoes, they are still very comfy. The soles are getting used to the form of my foot and they seem to be very grippy with training! I tried the grippyness on pole catleaps and every time I stuck like glue! Great!
I did, however, come across a little minor point on the shoes… They don’t breathe very well and give you smelly feet!

14 days in and I’ve been to several kinds of training with these bad boys; I’ve been training for Ninja Warrior in them, did parkour in them and I went to a boot-camp training with them and they still maintain good form and manage to give me a lot of grip. Even in the wet grass the shoes performed well and didn’t give me wet feet. No other sports shoe I have worn in the last couple of years did that.

By the end of the first month, I have kind of reached my conclusion. These sturdy, grippy shoes are very well put together and seem to have taken some of the best features from different shoes and made them into one supershoe. Apart from the smelly feet and the laces that keep untying if you don’t do a double knot, I would definitely recommend this shoe to other tracers.

After a couple of months of heavy use, I still didn’t change my conclusion. These shoes are good. Very good. Some might even say annoyingly good. The grip part on the bottom still looks like its brand new. I’ve worn the shoes in good conditions and in bad conditions (rain, snow, cold) and they keep performing well. In the rain, they stayed dry and kept my feet fairly warm.

Slowly the first traces of usage can be seen. The inside of the left shoe is showing signs of the top part coming loose from the sole in the middle. Nothing too bad, but definitely something to be aware of.

I also feel sometimes like the shoe is so good and supportive that when I take them off, my foot has to get used to the little support it has when you don’t wear any shoes. This is not a shoe for the people who are looking for the ‘barefoot’ experience.

Plus points!

  • Amazing Grip because of a very smart triangular grove in the pattern
  • Very good support and fits like a glove while maintaining flexibility
  • After months of heavy, usage there are no forms of deterioration – These shoes are very durable
  • Shoes perform very well under wet circumstances. The shoes stay grippy and your feet don’t get wet in light rain.

Minus points 🙁

  • Shoes aren’t breathing very well
  • Laces untie fairly easy

These shoes are definitely worth the money ($89) and worth trying out! The shoes are highly durable, the shoes are flexible and with a double knot the laces also very secure on the feet. They fit like a foot glove from the start.

I absolutely loved walking around in these, even if sometimes people made comments about Take Flight. I don’t care. At least I’m wearing shoes I feel comfortable and secure in. And for the few tracers that care what they look like, the black fits good with anything.

Overall, it means these shoes are great for Parkour.

Feature Image of Dave Hogenboom by Rein Rijken

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